100 Thieves Drops Apex Legends Roster

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Apex Legends was released back in February and the game instantly became one of the most popular battle royale titles out there. Because of the fact that it attracted around 50 million players during its first month, many started thinking that it will soon surpass Fortnite. This also made various Esports organizations create their very own Apex Legends rosters for the professional scene. However, it seems like one organization has decided to back off.

After a few bad months, 100 Thieves has decided to drop its Apex Legends roster. For those who don’t know, 100 Thieves is currently one of the biggest Esports organizations in the world. The latter confirmed this on Twitter that they will be parting ways with their Apex Legends team and thanked the players for representing the organization during their Apex Career. 

When the Roster Was Formed 

Only a few weeks after Apex Legends was released, 100 Thieves formed its roster for the game. They first signed Connor “Gigz” White during the month of February. And just before the month came to an end, they decided to sign Teenage and Lifted. In April, they added a new player, JP2 to the roster. All of these players are currently some of the best Apex Legends players out there. However, they still failed to find any success over the past few months.

100 Thieves’ Apex Legends roster was placed at the 10th position during the FACEIT Pro Series. The tournament ran over the course of around eight weeks and the roster failed to perform better than others. In addition to this, the reason behind the organization’s decision to drop the roster could be the lack of Apex Legend’s tournament.

Lack of Tournaments  

Since the game was released, Apex Legends players have only seen a few tournaments. The first ever tournament hosted for the game was by Twitch Rivals, which followed a pub stomp format. At that time, there was no option for players to host custom lobbies and face each other. Instead of this, the team that scored the most points in several matches emerged victorious in the Twitch Rivals tournament.

After seeing the demand for custom lobbies, Respawn decided to add them some time ago and this has allowed teams to get placed in a match against each other. Although this is something that has given a boost to Apex’s competitive seen, we are still yet to see a proper esports league for the game. Fans will get to see a major Apex event in the month of September that will be hosted by Respawn and EA. The tournament will feature a prize pool of $500,000 and around 80 teams will compete in it. Hopefully, once the tournament ends, we will get to see a structured esports league for the game.

On the other hand, it was recently confirmed that Apex Legends season 3 will feature Crypto, a new Charger Rifle, and a Halloween event. 

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