About Us

What is eNews?

We started the enews.gg project in early 2019 in order to provide the highlights of esports industry news to avid fans. We truly believe that esports is about to become a booming industry. Our main goal is to grow from a small-sized esports media site to a larger media company and conglomerate. Our main motto is: as esports grows, we grow.

Juan Pablo Sánchez

Rockstar content creator and professional eSports analyst. Favourite game is League of Legends. But likes to watch all games related to eSports. Juan Pablo is our editor; he speaks Spanish and English and he writes smashing contents.

Contact: [email protected]

Amy Ramswoth

Professional Copywriter. Played CS:GO when studied. Now i like to watch top games from Twitch and read about eSports. She was a streamer in the past and she knows all the secrets of games and the world of gaming.

Contact: [email protected]

Our small team is gathered from passionate esports observers. As we grow, we are looking to hire more writers, video editors, and people for other tasks as well. We are primarily looking for people with different skills but who share the same passion for esports that we do.

How we monetize

Are you wondering how do we make money in enews? You may notice some banners here and there around the website. These are our sponsors and we could have different deals with them. By clicking on those banners we could receive a commission or a percentage on the final purchase on that specific site. This is the way we monetize our website and we re-pay all the expenses we have.

Company details

ENEWS.GG media site is owned by Estonian Company. Company information:

CompanySouth Media OÜ
LocationTallinn, Estonia
OfficesBarcelona, Tallinn & Valencia
Company registry code14439805
Coffee per day24
Email[email protected]
More informationGoogle business

Our location

ENEWS.GG has its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. We also have an office in Spain where our editors work and all who manage the website. Also some employees works all over the world remotely. Click on the map below to see more details.

From nerds to nerds

When it comes to our posts, these are written from nerds to nerds. Enews is the ultimate guide to videogames and the world of eSports, with thousands of news and how-to article, to make your gaming experience even better. Follow our authors and grow your gaming skills with our website, the gate to the ultimate gaming experience.

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