ADCs Are Back In LoL!

After several months of waiting, the ADCs in LoL are seeing the light at the end of the metagame tunnel. With patch 9.3 of the Riot Games MOBA, the time has come for champions such as Tristana or Caitlyn to become relevant. The users of those champions, like Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, have a reason to be smiling again. Riot has said that the current metagame was reproduced for the satisfaction of the pro players.

Division of champions in LoL

In League of Legends, we can roughly divide the role of shooters into two groups: on the one hand, we have the champions who have a high nuke and who can create a snowball effect by buying cheap offensive items to dominate the early game. The other group includes those who need to accumulate more expensive items as the game progresses to dominate in the later stages: The critical ADCs in LoL.

Ezreal League of Legends
Credits: Riot Games

Following the constant changes that have been made to the rhythm of the games, the shooters based on critics did not have time to climb and were totally irrelevant. If we add that to how critical it was to secure the extra gold of the towers, we needed shooters with a highly dominating lane phase and early power peaks, like Lucian or Ezreal.

Riot knows what it’s doing

The Riot Games CrashPlan for critically-based shooters has been taking indirect measurements for some time. We were presented with changes that favored longer games of the previous patch, such as the adjustments that have been happening during the last versions. It was the reason we got more tanks, like Sejuani, appearing in the metagame. Now direct changes have arrived and point to three very specific changes: Price reductions and better laning phase, more variety of options, and defensive items that do not sacrifice damage.

Caitlyn LoL
Credits: Riot Games

Reduced price of the items

Price reductions affect the items with which the first critical power peak of the critical ADC arrives. The ‘Spectral Cutlass’, the ‘Rapid Fire Cannon’, the ‘Hurricane of Runaan’ and the ‘Statikk Dagger’ previously cost 2,600 gold and didn’t have much impact on the base stats due to providing little damage and no protection whatsoever. This is no longer the case because they provide decent damage and armor simultaneously.

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Greater variety of ADCs in LoL

The standardization of these objects is one of the reasons why there is talk of a greater variety of options and increased decision-making capacity. The most important change is the “new” ‘Infinity Edge’: say goodbye to the modified part of the damage dealt. Moreover, it has been given increased damage and deals with decent critics. On one hand, it manages to improve the synergy with the other objects, while on the other hand, it no longer needs 1225 gold. It is certainly a win-win situation.

Tristana ADCs in LoL
Credits: Riot Games

Don’t be surprised if you see Fnatic and Rekkles rise in the LEC. In the last 24 hours, the side won its game against Excel and now they face a tough test against G2, likely the most awaited game of the new season!

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