AI Neural Networks predict possible winner of Dota 2 TI9

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August is here, which means that the long-awaited The International 2019 will take place very soon. This year, the main tournament of the year will arrive in Shanghai, ready to please all Dota 2 fans. Before the tournament, many spectators are wondering: who will win at The International? On this subject, we can find a lot of assumptions and conjecture from analysts and journalists. But to make matters interesting, fans have decided to turn to AI neural networks, which calculated the favorites for TI9.

Fans uploaded about 2,000 matches from official tournaments at MoreMMR AI. The model was trained to predict the probability of victory with certain indicators. Both team interactions and individual indicators for each player were taken into account. The meta of the game is constantly changing, so in this model, it would be impossible to have too much data.

MoreMMR AI loves Secret

Team Secret has emerged as the favorite to win The International 2019, according to the MoreMMR AI neural network. The chances of Clement “Puppey” Ivanov’s team to win the tournament are estimated at 17%. The Chinese team follows behind in second place. Their chances are predicted to be far lower than the top favorites, but nonetheless they are greater than all other teams. 

Team Secret Dota 2 Ti9

Many would disagree that VG will be able to compete for the Aegis. But if you look at the latest performances from this team, you can confidently conclude that the guys have a shot at the top 3. And let’s not forget about support from the stands. VG will have the home team advantage, and this will surely boost their confidence.

The neural network does not take into account many factors, but even based on raw indicators, VG are given a 9% chance of winning the International 2019. Team Liquid closes out the top three applicants – their chances were estimated at 7%. 

GOSU.AI is also an EU fan

Earlier, the neural network from GOSU.AI also calculated that Team Secret would be the favorite to win The International 2019. According to this particular AI, the probability of victory for the European team is 32%. In second and third places are PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming, respectively – their chances for the title are approximately one in nine. Data was provided by GOSU.AI on Reddit. 

Dota 2 Ti9

Both models thus predict Team Secret taking the title. As for the team captain himself, this could be his second trophy at The International, with the first coming in 2011. This is also not the first time Team Secret has been among the favorites to win The International. Unfortunately for the organization, however, since its inception, it has not managed to place in the top three.

How accurate are MoreMMR AI predictions for The International 2019?

The neural network analyzes probabilities and numerical factors. Therefore, many factors cannot be not taken into account, such as qualitative and subjective factors. The model essentially highlights the favorites in the same way that many analysts and experts already do. Therefore, only time will tell who has correctly predicted the outcome, if anyone.

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