Apex Legends: 5 Best Places To Land on In World's Edge

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Apex Legends season 3 introduced a brand new map called World’s Edge, which is located on a new planet. The new map replaced the old Kings Canyon, and some fans weren’t happy with this decision since they were used to it. However, there is nothing they could do about it, and they had to play in the new one. There are, however, a lot of players who love the new map because they think that it offers a really smooth and open experience. Even popular Twitch streamer “Shroud” claimed that World’s Edge is better than Kings Canyon in every way.

Apex Legends

During the game, choosing where to land first can play a big role in determining whether you are going to survive or not. In this post, we are going to mention the 5 best places to land on the new map.


The Epicenter is located on the top right quadrant of the map. It isn’t really far so you won’t have a difficult time reaching it. Although the location is not that big and features a total of 15 supply bins and some floor loot, you will still get satisfied since the majority of the loot is high tier. In addition to this, it isn’t the most popular landing location so you don’t have to worry about battling enemies as soon as you land. It is also near to Capitol City, so you can even keep an eye on your enemies.


The Refinery is yet another amazing location to land on. The location is a little further than The Epicenter, but you won’t regret your decision once you visit it. Just like the above location, this one is also relatively small as it features some floor loot along with 25 Supply Bins. However, you and your teammates can still get your bags full of everything you need at this location. And again, this location is not a popular landing spot so it isn’t going to be overcrowded.

Apex Legends


Overlook is located in the top right quadrant of the map, and it not difficult to reach. While the location is small just like the Refinery, Overlook is more of a hot zone. This means that you will have to look as quickly as possible because you will encounter enemies as soon as you land. In any case, it is still a great place to gather high tier loot.

Train Yard

The Train Yard is a really popular yet less crowded location. You will be able to find a decent amount of loot in this area. The best thing about this location is that it is always close to the ring, or is in the ring. It has a total of 26 Supply Bins and some floor loot. It is also near to other good locations.

Lava City

Finally, we have Lava City. This is most probably the best location to land in World’s Edge. First, its not a popular landing spot and you won’t have to worry about looking over your shoulder. Second, it’s not a large area so looting it won’t be time-consuming. The only downside about this area is that it will sometimes not provide you with any high-tier loot.

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