Apex Legends - An Overnight Success In Esports

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It’s no secret that the video game industry is going through a phase marked by the battle royale genre. More and more developers are entering into this field, trying to reclaim the throne occupied by Fortnite. The latest proposal comes from the creators of the Titanfall saga, Respawn Entertainment. The developer has just published Apex Legends, a battle royale free-to-play title, which has managed to convince their departure.

Huge success for EA

Apex Legends is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC through the Origin platform. Electronic Arts, which bought Respawn in 2017, launched the game without a major marketing campaign, choosing instead to surprise players with an ad via streaming. The only news of Apex occurred just a few hours before launch, with only its name, map, and style of play highlighted.

The title has reaped excellent numbers on its launch, reaching a million unique players in less than eight hours. The great reception was due to it being a fresh and polished title, as well as the powerful campaign with streamers on Twitch. Without significantly changing the rules of the genre, Apex Legends manages to surprise in some aspects.

What does the game offer?

The map of the game is very detailed and contains remarkably different sections. There are no zones with an open boundary, which facilitates the frenetic Apex style. In this case, there are 60 players who participate in the same game, instead of the classic 100. For their part, the squads always consist of up to three players, each with a different character.

It is similar to Hi-Rez Studios’ title, Realm Royale, in which a player can choose from a selection five characters, each with different abilities and skills. Additionally, a player can acquire a new skillset accordingly in the game, depending upon their needs.

Apex Legends Success

Credits: EA

Characters make up the game

It is in the characters, precisely, where the full potential of Apex Legends lies. Each one of the “legends” that we can choose brings two exclusive abilities that completely change the battles. From the creation of portals to the quick deployment of energy shields, skills are the icing on the cake in this promising title. Maybe this is the detail that helps in dominating over other titles of the competition.

Another feature that users describe as a success is the resuscitation and deployment system. When an ally falls down, a player can revive him, as always. If the ally ends up eliminated, the player can additionally collect their identification badge and take it to the terminals, allowing their ally to return to the battlefield.

Can Apex flourish?

The problem Apex Legends faces is that the battle royale market suffers from extreme competition. Fortnite ranks #1 and seems unfit for the moment. Even so, Respawn points to titles such as PUBG or Blackout as direct competitors, with a target audience more closely matched to theirs.

Apex Legends Artwork

Credits: EA

Apex Legends has the fluidity and perfection of an FPS game, possibly causing PUBG to suffer similarly to Blackout at the time. Call of Duty, the battle royale most similar to the title list, contains elements which Apex improves upon, like some of the points in which more wavers Blackout, maintaining its very essence.

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