Apex Legends Best Combinations For Duos Mode

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Since the game was released in February, Apex Legends fans have requested for the duos mode the most. The game only allows players to enter the battlefield as a trio, and there isn’t any other mode available at the moment. However, after testing the solo mode during a recent event and seeing how successful it was, Respawn has decided to introduce the duos mode in the game for a limited time.

The duos mode is live and players are absolutely loving it. This new mode is allowing them to enter the battlefield with their best or most talented friend. However, surviving in this mode won’t be an easy task since you will be going against other pro duos. Because of this very reason, you must know about some of the best team comps that can help you win a match. The chemistry between characters is going to play a big role this time.

Wraith and Pathfinder

Apex Legends

The first combination perfect for the duos mode is Wraith and Pathfinder. Both of them have some amazing abilities, something which can make them a deadly duo. Pathfinder can place a zipline, something which can allow you and your teammates to take down opponents using a sniper rifle. On the other hand, Wraith’s portal can help you guys reach a safe spot where you can heal in peace. Both legends can also make a quick escape without relying on each other. Pathfinder can use his grappling hook, while Wraith can simply disappear into the void.

Gibraltar and Lifeline

Apex Legends

Gibraltar and Lifeline is yet another amazing combination that can help you survive until the end in the duos mode. Gibraltar has an ability through which he can drop a Dome Shield. The most interesting thing about this shield is that while offering protection from incoming shots, it will allow you and your teammates to heal 25 percent when you’ll be standing inside it. The legend also has a the Fortified buff because of why he will take 15% less damage. Lifeline, on the other hand, can deploy a healing drone. In addition to this, she puts a strong barrier up when reviving teammates.

Crypto and Mirage

Apex Legends

Crypto and Mirage had a love-hate relationship in season 3’s trailer. However, when paired together, both of them can take down the strongest of opponents. Crypto’s abilities allow him to scout for enemies. He can send out his drone through which he can examine the next area. This allows him to know the exact location of his opponents. He can even use the drone to charge an EMP blast which disables all traps and even slows down enemies. Once Crypto discovers the location of the enemies, Mirage can use his abilities to sneak behind them and eliminate them without them even knowing.

These were some of the best team comps for the duos mode. The choices will vary from person to person, but you have the best shot of winning if you decide to choose them. Make sure to get the most out of the duos mode before it is gone.

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