Apex Legends Bug Lets You Down Other Players In Drop Ship

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Apex Legends has had a plethora of bugs and glitches since its release in February. Developer Respawn has tried different methods to put an end to them, but they are unable to stop new ones from appearing on the surface. Every month, players discover different bugs and glitches, and some of them even ruin their gameplay experience. And now, a new bug has been discovered through which you can take down players in the dropship.

Apex Legends New Dropship Bug

In the game, you get to select a character after which the loading starts. Once the loading screen is gone, the dropship appears in which you and your teammates are waiting to get dropped on the map. However, instead of getting dropped normally, you get dropped in a knocked downed state. This is exactly what is happening because of the newly discovered bug.

It seems like the latest Apex Legends patch has introduced this new bug to the game. At the moment, whenever you will load the game, you will be able to run around and even melee people in the dropship, something which we have never seen before. Although you cannot see who you are attacking or where you are running on the ship, you can still hear the sounds of attacking someone. And with just a few shots, you can knock someone down before the game even starts.

Apex Legends

The most annoying thing about this bug is that you can start attacking someone from the loading screen too. So you have a good amount of time to knock someone down. If someone attacks your character but you somehow manage to survive, then your health will get back to full after you jump out of the ship. However, if you and your partners are all knocked down on the ship, then you will all get eliminated from the game.

It Is Really Frustrating

This is something that is ruining the gameplay experience of many players. If one of your teammates gets knocked out on the ship, then you will have to revive them as soon as you land. And the revived teammate will get back on his feet with only 20 health, meaning that he can get eliminated pretty quickly at the start. You will have no time to gather a lot of loot and you will also become weak. All of this will basically put you at a disadvantage. And it can also be quite frustrating to get killed on the ship. I mean, who wants to die before the game even starts?

Fortunately, Respawn is aware of this issue. The official Twitter account of the game claimed that this is a bug that they are currently investigating and they will release a fix for it soon. At the moment, the developers haven’t provided the exact date on which the fix will arrive, but you can expect to see it in the next update. In the meantime, all you can do is pray and hope that no one knocks you down on the dropship.

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