Apex Legends: Comparing Forge with Other Legends

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Apex Legends season 4 is just around the corner, and fansjust can’t wait for it to arrive. After only two days, players will get toenjoy a brand-new season that will bring a lot of exciting new things to thegame. There is also a lot of confusion going around regarding the upcomingseason, and all of it will go away as soon as it goes live.

Respawn Entertainment posted a bunch of teasers on the official Twitter account of Apex. In one of them, Forge was killed by the Revenant. This sparked confusion in all players as they thought that he is going to be the next legend of the game. During the third devstream of Apex Legends, the developers confirmed that Forge will be the next character. However, after a few days, the teaser was posted.

Now, everyone is wondering whether Forge is actually dead ornot. Some think that the Forge who was killed is actually an impostor as hedoes not match the one that is in the official concept art. Nevertheless, RespawnEntertainment has still shared some exciting new information about Forge. Inthe released information, they have revealed how he compares with otherlegends.

Forge’s Comparison with Other Legends

Jimmy McCormick, who is widely know as Forge, is a really muscular fighter who is sponsored by Hammond Robotics. His physical appearance reveals that he is a true fighter and can take down some strong opponents. Respawn has released some graphics that have revealed how he stacks up against other legends present in the game.

With Gibraltar

The first comparison graphics released by Respawn is between Forge and Gibraltar. Both of them are large-figure characters, and players have been eagerly waiting to know the differences between them. Surprisingly, Forge is a little bit taller than Gibby, but weighs 30 pounds less than him. However, his draw speed is less than Gibraltar, meaning that he will take out weapons and use abilities much faster.


With Pathfinder

The second comparison is between Forge and the friendly robot, Pathfinder. Again, to everyone’s surprise, Forge is even longer than Pathfinder in terms of height. We wont talk about the weight considering Pathfinder is made of steel, and steel is always heavier than human flesh. But if you still want to know, Forge weights around 269 pounds while Pathfinder is 937 pounds. Forge’s draw speed is a little higher than Pathfinder, but that difference isn’t that big.



The final comparison is between Forge and the professional soldier, Bangalore. As expected, Forge is taller than Bangalore and weights more. However, Bangalore’s draw speed is lower than 1.1 sec. This means that Forge will take more time to draw weapons than Bangalore.


These were some comparison graphs between Forge and someother legends present in the game. Fans will have to wait until season 4 goeslive to see whether the legend is alive or not.

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