Apex Legends Data Miner Discovers New Information About Pathfinder's Heirloom Set

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Apex Legends is filled with different items. From different skins to charms that can be placed on a weapon, Apex has it all. However, there is something that players are always after, Heirloom sets. At the moment, Pathfinder is the legend who is confirmed to receive an Heirloom set next, but a data miner has now leaked some new interesting information about it.

Items in the Heirloom set are some of the most valuable cosmetic items in the game. This set cannot be crafted by using crafting materials, and you cannot even purchase it from the store. They can only be obtained through loot boxes. However, the thing which makes them rare is that the chances for an Heirloom set to appear inside a loot box are close to 2%. This is the reason why Respawn carefully designs them in order to make them worth it.

Apex Legends

At the moment, Wraith, Lifeline, and Bloodhound are the three legends in Apex that have their own Heirloom sets. Wraith has a Kunai Knife, Lifeline carries shiny drumsticks, and Bloodhound has his own axe. At the start of November, a popular Apex Legends data miner, Tha1MiningGuy came leaked some information which revealed that Pathfinder is going to be the next character to receive an Heirloom set.

Pathfinder’s Heirloom Set

The data miner basically provided an image for a pair of boxing gloves, which indicated that Pathfinder will have something similar to the old school robot fighters. However, right after the image was leaked, many people started claiming that this won’t happen as the ice pick which Pathfinder wielded in his concept art was believed to be his Heirloom set. But now, the data miner has provided some more information that has further confirmed the existence of boxing gloves.

New Information

The data miner decided to do some digging in the game’s files after the latest December 3 update. During it, he was able to discover some exciting new files. In them, keywords such as “jab,” “melee,” and “draw fist” are present, meaning that the robot is soon going to get a pair of boxing gloves.


Respawn is yet to reveal when Pathfinder is going to receive his Heirloom set. In fact, they even have to confirm whether the robot is going to receive one or not. However, considering how things went down in the past, Pathfinder will most likely receive it during an LTM event. Bloodhound received his set during the Iron Crown event, and Lifeline got hers close to the Fight or Fright event.

In any case, Pathfinder fans will surely be excited after seeing that the robot will indeed receive a pair of Boxing Gloves. Respawn has been introducing new limited-time events in the game from time to time, and players will soon get to enjoy a new one soon. The developers are also yet to feature an event based on Pathfinder, and the Heirloom set will most likely arrive with it. All we can do is wait and see what the developers have in mind for us.

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