Apex Legends Data Miner Leaks Abilities Of Two New Legends

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Since the game’s release, Respawn entertainment has only added three new characters in their popular battle royale game, Apex Legends. The first character, Octane, was added with season 1, Wattson was added with season 2, and Crypto was introduced with the latest season 3. As the developers only add one character per season, players are always hungry for new characters. And now, a data miner has managed to leak the abilities of two new characters.

The concept of Legends in Apex Legends is something that makes it different from other battle royale titles. Players get to choose from different legends and every Legend has three unique abilities. These abilities can be used to take down enemies and survive in the world of Apex.

Two New Characters Leaked

Recently, a data miner who goes by the name “Shrugtal” decided to do some digging in the game’s files. Through this, he was able to discover the names and abilities of two new characters that will hopefully make their way to the game sometime in the future.

Forge’s Abilities

The first legend that has been discovered is Forge. According to the leaks, this legend is an “augmented brawler.” The most interesting thing about him is that instead of three abilities, Forge has six abilities. This could be either the developers are yet to finalize the three abilities from these six, or he could have more abilities than others just like Revenant. For those who don’t know, Revenant is also another upcoming Legend who recently made an appearance in the Fright or Fight event. The Legend is going to have two stances and each one will have three abilities.

Apex Legends

Forge’s abilities include Pull Shot, Ground Slam, and K.O. Punch, through which you will be able to pull enemies towards yourself, slam into the ground, and deliver a powerful punch. The other three abilities are One-Two, On the Ropes, and Victory Rush, through which you can bull rush in a straight line, deal more damage with your melee attacks when your health is low, and restore your health by killing a player with a melee attack.

Conduit’s Abilities

The second character that has been leaked is Conduit. He is mentioned as an “Overshield Conductor” in the game’s files, indicating that he is going to be a support character. Unlike the above-mentioned character, Conduit is going to have three abilities.

His tactical ability is going to be Arc Flash, through which he will be able to give his targeted teammates an overshield. His passive ability is Capacitance, thanks to which his shield with keep on regenerating. This is somewhat similar to Octane’s passive ability thanks to which his health regenerates. As for Coducit’s ultimate, it is named Short Circuit. This ability will allow him to create a giant arc ball that will fly around the battlefield and steal shields from enemies.

At the moment, we don’t know exactly when these legends will arrive in the game. One field suggested that Forge might arrive in season 4, but that will most likely not happen since Revenant is said to be the next legend.

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