Apex Legends December 3 Update Is Here

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Apex Legends has received various improvements since it was released in February. Developer Respawn makes these improvements through different updates that are released almost every month. They also add new content to the game through them and improve the quality-of-life of the game. And now, the developers have finally released a brand new update for their battle royale game.

Apex Legends

When season 3 was released, everyone thought that they wouldn’t see any other major changes until the next season. However, Respawn sure proved them wrong after announcing a major update that will bring various new changes to the game. The update is now live on both the PC and console versions. The developers have even shared the patch notes in order to let players know what changes are going to take place after they install the update.

Level Cap Increased

To begin with, the update has increased the player level cap to 500. Before this, players were only able to level up until 100. Because of this very reason, many players had nothing to look forward to after reaching the highest level. Some players even stopped playing the game after it. But now, the developers have increased the level cap to overcome this problem.

More Apex Packs

Thanks to the new level cap, players will now earn a total of 195 Apex Packs by level 500. They will receive one pack at every level between levels 2 to 20, one pack every two levels between levels 22 to 300, and one pack every five levels between levels 305 to 500. In addition to this, players will also earn a Player Level Gun Charm at every 100 player level. Other than that, 36 new Gun Charms have been added. These Gun Charms will be through Epic and Legendary Apex Packs. Players will be even able to buy them directly through the in-game store.

Apex Legends

Quality-Of-Life Changes

As for the quality-of-life changes, Respawn has made changes based on the feedback they received from players.

  • The helmets and armor will now appear more colorblind compatible and slightly more vibrant.
  • Final circle locations have been improved in order to avoid bad end locations.
  • Lifeline’s Heirloom has received a new inspect animation.
  • The spawn rate of Gold Armor has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug because of why the “Thank you” key became unbound.
  • Added a prompt so players can cancel Finishers that are in progress.

Other than these, some other quality-of-life changes have been introduced.

Bug Fixes

The update has also fixed various bugs that were present in some sections of the game. To begin with, the update has finally fixed the bug where players were appearing in the wrong Rank. Another bug was making the Respawn Dropship silent when arriving has been fixed. Some players claimed that they were able to instantly revive their teammates in certain locations. However, this bug has now been fixed. Other than these, many other bugs have finally received a fix.

The update sure is an amazing one considering how much the game will improve after it.

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