Apex Legends December Update To Feature Some Major Changes

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Apex Legends was released back in February and since then, players have been hungry for new content. During the first few months, developer Respawn was slow with releasing updates, and most players even left the game because of the lack of content. However, things changed after season 2 as Respawn took the game to another level through it. Not only this, but season 2 also increased daily as well as weekly players of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends

Respawn promised that season 3 was going to be much better than season 2, and they did fulfill the expectations of fans through it. It went live a few weeks ago, and it totally changed the game as it introduced a brand new map and some other items. And now, it seems like the developers have another major update planned for season 3.

New Major Update Coming

Since the past few weeks, many leaks have surfaced claiming that the developers are planning to release a big update for Apex Legends. And recently, Respawn confirmed that they are indeed going to release a major update for their battle royale title on December 3. Although it’s been a while now since the last major update for Apex Legends was released, players have still been waiting patiently.

What It Will Feature

Respawn has confirmed that the upcoming update is going to introduce some quality-of-life improvements, new cosmetic items, changes to progression, level cap, and much more. During the recent episode of the Apex Devestream, the developers revealed what fans can expect from the “quality-of-life” changes.

Friendly Fire

To begin with, Respawn is finally going to add friendly fire to the Firing Range. For those who don’t know, the practice mode was replaced by a Firing Range a few weeks back, and it allows players to practice in a much more enhanced environment with every weapon and attachment. The best thing about it is that it allows players to train with their squad mates. However, the mode didn’t feature friendly fire, and it left many players disappointed. But now, the devs have confirmed that the feature is going to arrive with the upcoming December update. This will basically allow players to train much more effectively as they won’t be limited to only shooting AI dummies and targets.

Changes to Health/Shield Slot

Respawn is also going to change how the health/shield item slot works. Previously, the slot would just randomly select an item for use, something which annoyed many players. but now, it is automatically going to switch from a healing item to a shield shell after you have full health. For instance, when you are low on both health and shield, the slot is going to feature a healing item. After you use it, it will automatically switch to a shield shell after your health gets full. This is something that will make things much faster.

Other than this, the update is going to feature some more changes and improvements. Judging from what is planned, Respawn is making these improvements based on the feedback from players.

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