Apex Legends Duos Mode Is Finally Live

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Apex Legends is currently one of the best battle royale titles out there. The game was released without any prior announcement and marketing as Respawn Entertainment wanted players to judge the game for themselves. Because of its unique gameplay, the game attracted 25 million players in its first week. And at the end of its first month, it was revealed that around 50 million players had downloaded Apex.

The game is really different from other battle royale titles such as PUBG and Fortnite. There are many things that set it apart from them. For instance, Apex Legends is the first battle royale game to feature the concept of Legends. However, the most important thing that makes Apex different from other battle royale games are the modes offered in it.

Apex Legends

Since the game was released in February, players are able to launch into battles as a trio only. They cannot go alone, with a second player, or with a full 4-player squad. They are only allowed to play as a trio. Because of this very reason, fans have requested for Respawn to introduce a solo and duos mode in the game. A few weeks ago, they finally decided to listen to their fans and introduced the solo mode, but only for a limited time. However, it still allowed players to experience how it would be like to play the game alone. And now, the developers have decided to add the duos mode aswell.

The Duos Mode Is Here

Now that the Fight or Fright event has ended, Respawn Entertainment has decided to introduce another thing to the game to keep fans happy. That’s right, the developers have decided to add the much-demanded duos mode to the game. Not only this, but the mode is now live in the game.

The duos mode is just like any other duos mode, it allows you to enter the battlefield with one more player. This will basically provide you the luxury of playing a match only with your best friend, or your most talented friend. This is something that will also save you from the hassle of carrying your third teammate whom you might not know. In short, you can enjoy World’s Edge with only one person to have your back.

When Will It End?

Respawn hasn’t provided any end date for the mode. They have mentioned that it is a limited-time mode, so it will be gone at some point. However, it is safe to say that it will stay for a few weeks since many players have been asking for it for a long time. Respawn will most likely let us know when the duos mode is about to leave the game.

Respawn is also yet to confirm when they are going to make solo and duo mode permanent in the game. They once claimed that they are going to judge how the community is reacting to limited-time modes, and through this, they will decide which mode will stay permanently and which one will not. The solo mode received positive feedback, and the same will most likely happen with the duos mode too.

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