Apex Legends: Everything Known About Revenant So Far

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Apex Legends has had its fair share of new content since it was released in February 2019. Developer Respawn has released many updates through which they have added new content to their battle royale game. This includes new weapons, attachments, cosmetic items, and much more. However, the thing which they add the least is characters. For those who don’t know, only three new legends have made their way to the game up till now, with one releasing with every season.

The Revenant

Recently, Respawn confirmed that the next character of Apex Legends is going to be Forge, and he will be added to the game in season 4. This was confirmed during a recent developer livestream, but it left many fans confused because they expected Revenant to be the next character.

Apex Legends

For those who don’t know, Revenant is the very character who made an appearance in Apex’s Halloween event. He was the host of the Fight or Fight event, in which normal players had to fight against the Shadow Squad. The event was a success, but players didn’t get a closer look at Revenant through it as he remained in the shadows.

After the event was over, everyone thought that he is going to be the next character of Apex since no unreleased legend made an appearance in the game other than him. In fact, Revenant was also leaked by data miners months ago through the game’s files. However, Respawn has not provided any confirmation about when we’ll get to see him in the game.


The data miners also revealed the abilities of this mystery character. According to the leaked information, Revenant will have two forms, the Regular Stance and the Shadow Stance. Both of his forms will have the same passive ability called the Infiltrator. This ability will allow him to walk faster when crouched and climb walls higher.

As for his Regular Stance, it will have two tactical abilities. One will fire a poison dagger that will reveal the enemy’s location. The other one fires a poison bomb that will deal damage to anyone within its range. It will also slow down enemies. The ultimate ability of the Regular Stance is going to be Death Recall, and it will allow him to bring his dead teammates to life with 20 health.

Apex Legends

His Shadow Stance, on the other hand, has its own abilities. The first tactical ability of this stance is called Shadow Walk and it will allow the character to move faster but silently for six seconds. The second tactical ability is called Shadow Step and it will send out a Shadow of the character and allow him to teleport to it. As for the ultimate ability, it will allow him to create a doorway through walls for five seconds.

When Will He Become Available?

At the moment, we don’t know when Revenant will become a playable character in the game. There were leaks suggesting that the upcoming season will feature more than one character, so he might arrive in the second half of season 4.

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