Apex Legends FPS Can Drop Because Of Minor Effects

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Apex Legends players have been experiencing various issues in the game since its debut. The game’s performance wasn’t stable during the early months, but the developers made various improvements to it. However, it seems like there are still some performance issues, especially in areas with too many visual effects. Not only this, but it was recently discovered that even some minor effects can have an impact on the game’s frame rate.

Apex Legends FPS Drop Issue

On Reddit, an Apex Legends player recently made a post in which he talked about how minor effects are having an impact on the FPS. He was able to find out that not having full health can even drop the FPS. The latter posted a video in which he was playing as Pathfinder in the training mode. He had an FPS counter displayed on the left side of the screen.

Having less than 100% Health reduces FPS (and a few other strange performance problems) from apexlegends

The latter didn’t move at all, and his health was close to full. However, after healing to full health, the frame rate was increased by around 7%. This basically confirms that if you are low on health, then your FPS is going to drop. Some members of the community claimed that the graphics bottleneck whenever we are not at full health. According to them, this is because of the red overlay that appears on the HUD whenever someone’s health is low. It basically serves as an indicator. The user also added that it is triggered as soon as we are below 100% HP, and it only changes opacity based on how much health we have.

Other Things That Reduce The FPS

This isn’t the only thing that has an impact on the game’s FPS. The latter found out that taking out a weapon can reduce the FPS by 10%, and using a healing item can have an even bigger impact as it reduces the FPS by 20%. On the other hand, using skills can also have a drastic impact.

Apex Legends

Skills that are low-performance can drain the FPS. This includes the Gun Shield used by Gibraltar and the times when Mirage sends out a decoy. In addition to this, skills that are greater in terms of performance have an even bigger impact on the FPS. For instance, your FPS will get reduced by 40 percent whenever you will get caught in two Caustic gas traps, while Bangalore and Gibraltar’s airstrikes will drop it down 50%.

Respawn Should Do Something About It

This is something that cannot be ignored considering FPS plays a really important role throughout the game. At the moment, Respawn is yet to reveal whether they are aware of this issue or not. However, considering the post is getting a lot of attention, they will most likely notice it soon. Once that happens, we can expect the developers to start working on improving the quality of the game, and it will most likely happen through the next few updates.

Apex Legends is currently on its season 3. It was released a few weeks ago and it introduced a brand new map. Fans are now eagerly waiting to see what the next season is going to feature.

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