Apex Legends: Heirloom Weapon for Lifeline Has Been Discovered by Data Miners

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Sine Apex Legend’s season 3’s release, dataminers have been really busy digging through its files. In the past few days,they have successfully managed to leak various new skins and other cosmeticitems that will make it to the game sometime in the future. And now, a populardata miner has managed to discover something exciting for Lifeline.

Drumsticks for Lifeline

That1MiningGuy, who is regarded as one ofthe most popular Apex Legends data miners, recently decided to do some diggingin the game’s files. Luckily, he was able to discover a pair of drumsticks thatare believed to be an Heirloom weapon for Lifeline. These drumsticks look likepolice batons made of wood, and they have a design with rubber handles. Judgingfrom the picture, they are going to be a dual-wield weapon.


The thing which basically confirms thatthese drumsticks belong to Lifeline is the fact that there is a miniaturedrawing of her healing drone on the right stick. The drumsticks can be alsoseen in Lifeline’s default finisher where the Legend can be seen hitting heropponent over the head with a drumstick.

When Will They Arrive in The Game?

Not only this, but it is also currentlybelieved that the Heirloom weapon of Lifeline will appear with the upcomingHalloween event. RealApexLeaks, another popular data miner, revealed thisinformation and shared some more exciting information. It is currently believedthat players will be able to acquire the item for free by unlocking Fight orFright collection, a pack that consists of 224 cosmetic items. However, oncethe Halloween event has concluded, players will be able to get their hands onthem by opening Apex packs.

Heirloom Weapons in Apex Legends

At the moment, there are two kinds ofHeirloom weapons available in Apex Legends. The first one is a throwing knifethat belongs to Wraith, and the second one is a handheld axe used byBloodhound. These two can be currently unlocked through Apex Packs. However,players only have less than one percent chance of finding one in their ApexPacks. However, according to EA’s FAQ page, players will receive one of theHeirloom sets after they have successfully opened 500 Apex Packs. This meansthat getting your hands on the drumsticks is not going to be an easy task.

On the other hand, the Halloween event forApex Legends was recently leaked by some data miners. It is currently believedthat the upcoming event will take place in an abandoned Kings Canyon, thussuggesting that the old map will make a return soon. The Halloween event willbe called Shadowfall, and players will play in night mode. At first, playerswill drop solo in the map. However, once a player gets eliminated, he will beput in the Shadow Squad. The last 10 living players will have to team up andescape from Kings Canyon while avoiding the Shadow Squad.

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