Apex Legends - How to get Legend Tokens?

Apex legends are a free play battle royale game that helps players to have those experiences which have never thought. It includes various features and, most importantly, various currencies that allow players to get various items and cosmetics. Along with the Apex crafting and coins, there is one more currency, which is very important, i.e., Legends tokens. Players can use these tokens to get new characters as well as various new items in the game.

Players can get legend tokens from the in-game store to enhance their ability to get some items. The players need to understand the importance of these tokens so that they can able to take benefits from them. You might know that without cosmetics and characters, you won’t be able to play Apex Legends. It’s important to enhance your knowledge and skills to play well in this game.

How to get Legend Tokens

Usually, players don’t know how to get these tokens, so here are some points that can help you to know about it. The points can also help you to enhance your internal skills for performing well in-game.

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  • Players can able to earn legend tokens by playing more and getting various gifts. He gets a new token whenever the players level up to the next level, which helps them increase their tokens. Likewise, you play the game as you will able to earn more tokens; it’s elementary and an easy process. Sometimes, moving to the next level is seems to be the only option for getting these tokens and found to be the best way.
  • Battle Royale helps players to have more other benefits and new features as per the time passes. It helps players to get new aspects on every new level so you should try to remain updated. Tokens are the currency that allows players to earn more items along with other currencies.
  • There are different currencies available in Apex Legends, which helps players to get various items. It would be best if you kept updated with all the necessary aspects of the game to increase your items in the game. The more items and currencies mean long term assets to stay in the game.
  • Players can also be able to get a massive amount of legend tokens with the help of cross-play. It helps players to exchange various currencies by winning the match, which they play in cross-platform. It helps to enhance the players’ ability to earn more tokens and helps them fight with their enemies well.
  • The XP of the players increases by playing each match, and now you can imagine how many tokens you can earn by winning more matches. If you play in a team, then automatically, you will able to get more tokens.


The above points can help you to understand the importance of legend tokens and how you can get them. It can also help you to enhance your knowledge about various new aspects that you don’t know earlier. You need to pay proper attention to the above points for better understanding.

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