Apex Legends - How to Show FPS?

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Fps is considered one of the significant parts or features of Apex Legends as it clarifies the image and quality of the game. Usually, players prefer to play those games which have a clear view and help to have a safe playing by defeating enemies. If the view or the quality of the game is not clear, players will not be able to defeat their enemies; in fact, they will be killed. No player love to be killed by their enemies, so fps plays a significant role.

Most of the players love to experience new games because it provides players to know about various new aspects of the games. It would be best if you tried to remain updated with all the necessary updates of the games so that you won’t face any problem. Some players don’t know about fps due to which they lack behind as compared to others. Each and every player should understand the importance of the features so that they can remain stable with the game. 

Apex Legends - How to Show FPS

You can consider the below points so that you will able to know about how to show fps in the game.

Fps Tutorial

  • The first thing that you should know that in PC and all other consoles, the fps feature is only available for the PC version. You can’t use this feature in any other console apart from the PC. If you want to enable this feature, then you need to change in the settings of the origin rather than the game.
  • First, you need to download the origin in your respected PC, which you will find from the toolbar, which is at the top of the game. Then you have to select the “Application Settings” option and then the Origin-In game option, which you will see in the lighter grey section. 
  • After getting to the origin-in game option, you will able to see various options and different more at the time of the “Gameplay” section, which is below it. Under the gameplay option, you will able to see the “Display FPS” option, which is the main thing for showing the fps in the game. You have to click on that option and be able to change it to the “Show FPS” option form the display one. You can set this option on any corner of the screen so that you can easily find it. 
  • After completing the process, you will show the fps in all the games that you play on your PC and the Apex Legends. You can also be able to turn it off as easily as you turn it on.

Final Verdict

By considering all the points, you will able to learn how to show fps in Apex Legends. You can able to manage all the various aspects of the game if you know about the fps well. It can also help you to learn about various things about the game along with the fps feature.

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