Apex Legends Is Celebrating Christmas With The New Holo-Day Bash Collection Event

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Respawn Entertainment has developed a habit of introducing new events in Apex Legends from time to time. At first, they didn’t focus on them a lot. However, after fans requested to see themed events in the game, the developers have been slowly introducing them. Just recently, during Halloween, players got to enjoy the Fright or Fight event which introduced a new limited-time mode and some amazing cosmetic items. And now, Respawn has introduced yet another amazing event to celebrate Christmas.

Apex Legends New Holiday Event

As expected, Respawn has decided to celebrate Christmas in style. A new event called the Holo-Day Bash Collection is now live in Apex Legends, and players on all platforms can enjoy it. Just like other major events, this one has also introduced a new limited-time game mode. In addition to this, there are also some amazing new cosmetic items that you can acquire.

The Mirage Voyage

The event was first announced during Apex’s event at The Game Awards. Shortly after it was announced, it went live on all platforms. In the past, such events have focused on one specific character. And this time, the event is focusing on Mirage. A new supply ship-like aircraft has been added to the game, and it has been named “The Mirage Voyage.” Previously, Respawn would change or add a new location and dedicate it to a specific character. But this time, they have decided to introduce something different.

Since the event is also here to celebrate Christmas, The Mirage Voyage has been decorated with various Christmas items. In addition to this, it has plenty of spots for players to explore.

New Game Mode

As for the limited-time game mode, it is based on the train that was introduced with the new map. The game mode is called “Winter Express” and in it, three squads have to fight against each other in order to take control of the train. The best thing about this new model is that players don’t have to focus on getting loot at the start of the match. Instead, they will launch with a pre-determined loadout. The type of loadout you get will depend upon the legend you select.

Apex Legends

The loadouts will be different every day and your main goal will be to capture the objective three times in order to win the match. In addition to this, if you get killed, you will respawn to get back into the action. The developers have also reduced the radius of the train to make things more intense.

New Rewards

The new holiday event has also introduced a bunch of rewards that players can unlock. There are new missions through which you can get your hands on some badges, gun charms, and legendary weapon skins. In addition to this, a total of 24 items are also available for crafting. But if you have some extra coins, then you can simply go ahead and purchase them directly. Make sure to get the most out of the event before it goes away on January 7.

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