Apex Legends' Journey In 2019

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Respawn Entertainment decided to take the battle royale genre to a next level by releasing Apex Legends this year in February. The game came as a surprise to everyone as the developers released it without any prior advertisements or marketing. They basically wanted their fans to check the game for themselves, instead of relying on advertisements.

Apex Legends’ Debut

Apex Legends’ launch was a success. The game was downloaded by more than 25 million players in its first week. And this number only increased to 50 million players at the end of its first month. Everyone started thinking that the game will soon cross Fortnite. However, things changed when players started discovering problems within the game. A few weeks after its release, many players stopped playing the game.

Season 1

The reason behind this was that some players complained about a lack of content, while others couldn’t play the game properly because of various bugs and glitches. Soon after this, its viewership on Twitch even started to decrease. Apex season 1, something that was meant to give players more content, only ended up becoming another problem. The first season was criticized for featuring poor content.

Apex Legends

Season 2

As things were going sideways, Respawn decided to introduce some major improvements to the game. When season 2 arrived, everything changed as it was better than season 1 in every play. The developers introduced some changes to the map as the Leviathans and Flyers entered the map after Crypto destroyed the repulsor tower. In addition to this, the second season also added a lot of new cosmetic items to the game, along with an improved version of the battle pass. Season 2 basically proved to be something really amazing for the game. The developers even claimed that the second season helped them with increasing daily as well as weekly players.

Season 3

Season 3 then came and once again, Respawn managed to make the players happy. The third season totally changed the game by introducing a brand new map that replaced the old one. While some players were not happy with the new map, others claimed that the new one is more entertaining than the previous one. Just like the previous season, season 3 also introduced a lot of exciting new content to the game. A few weeks back, the developers also decided to give fans an update regarding the current player count of Apex Legends. It is currently said that the game has a player base of 70 million players. This means that the developers have managed to bring back those players who once left the game. In addition to this, new faces have also joined the battle royale.

Apex Legends

While the game had some ups and downs this year, it is surely one of the best battle royale titles out there. Hopefully, the developers will soon manage to overcome the problems of bugs and glitches in the game. Season 4 is also believed to go live after a month. The next year will be surely better for Apex Legends as Respawn has a lot of plans for their battle royale title.

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