Apex Legends Latest Patch Adds Firing Range And More

Apex Legends players will be glad to know that developer Respawn has today released a brand new update for their battle royale title. The update is titled 3.1 and it has added the limited time duos mode. In addition to this, it has finally introduced the brand new firing range.

Duos Mode Is Here

To begin with, the duos mode is finally here. Players have been requesting Respawn to add the mode in the game since its release, and they can now enjoy it. This mode will allow you to jump into battles with one friend, and save you from the hassle of carrying your unknown third player. However, just like the solo mode, the duos mode is also going to stay for a specific period of time. At the moment, we currently don’t know exactly when this will happen, but you can enjoy it for a few weeks.

New Firing Range

The biggest thing to arrive with this new update is the firing range, a completely renovated version of the training mode. For those who don’t know, Apex Legends launched with a training mode that allowed players to train and practice. However, most players didn’t prefer it since it was not that good. First, players had to complete a time-consuming tutorial every time they entered the mode. In addition to this, they couldn’t switch legends, train with their teammates, use weapon attachments, and some other things.

Apex Legends

After seeing that the community isn’t happy with the training mode, Respawn has decided to change it. After the latest update, the training mode has been replaced with a new firing range. Here, players can practice with all weapons, items, and even Legends. The best thing about this range is that you can enter it either alone or with your squad. You can switch Legends at any time and practice with their abilities. In addition to this, the firing range features all of the weapons and their attachments. And finally, you don’t have to worry about the time-consuming tutorial anymore. Respawn has also asked fans to provide their feedback on the firing range so they can further improve it.

Other Changes and Improvements

The update has also brought some changes and improvements to various sections of the game. In the case of Legends, Crypto and Bangalore have received some improvements. To begin with, Crypto’s drone’s EMP blast is now going to damage armor that players have dropped. The update has fixed a bug because of why Lifeline’s drone couldn’t heal Crypto when he was using the drone. In addition to this, the update has also fixed the bug because of why friendly Caustic gas would kick Crypto out of his drone. As for Bangalore, the bug because of why her Ultimate’s missiles would disappear after landing on the train has been fixed.

Other changes include reducing Wingman’s headshot multiplier from 2.15 to 2.1, increasing the projectile width of some weapons, and improvements to the quality of life. In any case, your game is surely going to change and improve once you install the update.

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