Apex Legends Latest Survey Tells Which Characters Need Changes

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Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular battle royale titles out there. Released back in February, the game is considered as a competitor to Fortnite and PUBG. While it has some issues at the beginning, developer Respawn has slowly been making various improvements to their game. To do that, they have been making various balance changes to different things present in the game. Two days ago, they nerfed the Peacekeeper, a shotgun that is loved by almost every other player. And now, it seems like the developers might have to make some other changes.

Recently, on Reddit, a fan decided to conduct a survey in which he asked the Apex Legends community if there are any legends that need rebalancing or not. Surprisingly, around 1900 people took part in the survey, and we now know what the community thinks about certain characters.

Characters That Need Balancing

To begin with, the community thinks that Mirage is the character who needs a buff the most. This is because most players think that he is underpowered. And by most players, we mean 91% of the people who participated in the survey. They think that his passive and his ultimate ability are kind of his weakness. This is because both cloak Mirage but make him easily noticeable. In addition to this, most players know where to look whenever someone uses these abilities.

BUFF or NERF // season 3 – Community survey results (1936 people) with analysis in comments! from apexlegends

The second legend who is in desperate need of a buff is Bloodhound. 63% of the players think that the Hunter needs some changes. At the moment, he is able to use his Eye of the Allfather ability to detect the location of his enemies, but players think that this skill needs changes. Maybe Respawn should either increase the distance covered by the ability or let players see the locations for a longer period of time.

The survey revealed that Pathfinder and Wraith have some problems. While some players thought that they are perfectly balanced, many believe that they should receive some changes. For instance, 41% of players think that Pathfinder should get nerfed, while 35% of players think that Wraith is overpowered. According to most players, Wraith’s hitbox is something that requires some changes.

Characters That Don’t Need Any Changes

On the other hand, Lifeline and Banglore were revealed to be the most balanced characters. Around 85% of players think that both characters are fine and they don’t require any changes. An important thing to keep in mind here is that these two characters have remained perfectly balanced since the start of the game, and Respawn hasn’t made any big changes to them. They are considered as good characters for various situations.

Apex Legends

In any case, it is great to see that the community responded in such a way to the survey. This is something that will help Respawn decide which characters they should improve first. This will also help them with delivering what fans want rather than implementing what they want to.

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