Apex Legends New Bug Allows Players To Suppress Weapons Using Pathfinder

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Apex Legends is a fast-paced battle royale title. Unlike other battle royale titles such as PUBG and Fortnite, you have to be really fast and quick throughout the game. One wrong mistake can lead to a bullet in your head. Because of this very reason, you always have to stay really careful and always look out for enemies.

Apex Legends

There are times when you are looking for loot and see some enemies far away. However, you can’t engage because you fear that nearby enemies might listen to your gunshots, something which will you not like at all. But it seems like a new bug can help you suppress your weapons if you’re playing as Pathfinder.

User Discovers a New Bug

Recently, Respawn Entertainment added a brand new firing range in Apex Legends. Here, players can try out different weapons and attachments while using any character. It is basically a place where you can practice your skills and learn new tricks. However, one player decided to try out something different, through which he discovered a new glitch linked with Pathfinder.

I Found a New Glitch that Makes it So Pathfinder can Suppress Weapons from apexlegends

While playing as Pathfinder in the firing range, the user managed to suppress his weapon. On Reddit, he posted a video in which he revealed how he managed to do it.

How To Activate It

According to the player, you have to shoot and then immediately use your grapple after shooting. For those who don’t know, grapple is Pathfinder’s tactical ability that helps him reach high grounds and escape heated situations. Right after you shoot and use your grapple, your enemies will get shot but they won’t hear any sound.

The user also decided to reveal how it looks like from someone else’s perspective. It can be clearly seen that the only sound you hear is of the grapple being launched by Pathfinder. Other than that, you cannot hear any sound. This basically means that your enemies will not know from which direction the bullets are coming from. If you’re ever getting shot at, then you can easily find out the location of your enemy by the sound.

It Won’t Work For Every Weapon

This bug can be really useful to those who try to avoid getting third-partied. This can be also useful to those who want to hide in a spot and shoot down their targets. However, the user revealed that there are some limitations to this bug. For instance, the bug works only one a number of automatic and mid-range weapons. These include the R-301, R-99, and Spitfire. In addition to this, it also doesn’t work for snipers such as Longbow, Kraber, etc.

Apex Legends

Respawn has never talked about adding suppressors to Apex Legends. However, it can happen sometime in the future. Therefore, the only way for you to suppress some of your weapons is by using Pathfinder. At the moment, Respawn has yet to confirm whether they are aware of this bug or not. But they will most likely introduce a fix for it in the next patch since it can put other players at a disadvantage.

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