Apex Legends New Bug Allows Us To Use Other Character's Abilities

Apex Legends is the kind of game in which you get to choose from different characters called Legends. Each Legend has its own abilities and skills. You can use these abilities or skills by pressing a specific button on the keyboard. For instance, a Legend who goes by the name Wraith has a tactical ability through which she can disappear for a few seconds and avoid all kinds of damage. And by using her tactical ability, she can create a portal from one place to another through which she and her teammates teleport quickly.

Apex Legends

In the game, there is a Legend called Mirage. His specialty includes creating decoys of himself, something which leaves his enemies confused. The latter can send a decoy of himself through one place, alerting his enemies that he is trying to escape. However, upon shooting, the enemies will discover that they were shooting a decoy while the real Mirage has escaped from some other place. And now, it seems like a bug is allowing other Legends to use this very ability.

Player Sends Out A Decoy of Octane

Recently, a user on Reddit posted a video in which it can be seen that he was able to send a decoy of himself while he was using Octane. This Legend is an adrenaline junkie and his only focus is on speed. His tactical ability involves injecting himself with a stim through which he can move faster, while his ultimate ability involves throwing a jump pad. Because of this, it is almost impossible for Octane to send a decoy of himself because that is only possible if you are playing as Mirage.

Broken game or new mod? from apexlegends

In the video posted by the user, it can be seen that the bug allowed him to use a combination of Octane and Mirage. His banner clearly indicated that he was using Octane, but the HUD was displaying Mirage’s skills. Not only this, but the HUD was also displaying his trademark decoy. Upon using it, the player was able to send out a decoy of his character. However, instead of Mirage, the ability sent out a copy of Octane with his own unique animations. The most interesting thing about this is that his character was even saying lines Mirage usually says whenever the ability gets activated.

Possible Reasons Behind It

Now, the first possible reason behind why this happened could be a bug. Apex fans are well aware of the fact that the game has been filled with bugs and glitches since its debut in February. Every month, we get to see game-breaking bugs. Although Respawn tries to fix them, they just can’t stop new ones from appearing on the surface. And in this case, a bug could be mixing the abilities of Mirage and Octane.

Apex Legends

Some players are claiming that this is happening because of an upcoming event. They think that Respawn is soon going to introduce an event based on Mirage, and because of this, the developers are teasing it through different things. If this is the case, then you can expect the same thing to happen again.

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