Apex Legends: New Bug Is Preventing Players from Progressing in The Battle Pass

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Apex Legends’ latest season, Meltdown, was released a few days ago. The third season of the game introduced some new content to the game including a new legend, weapon, and a brand-new map. It has also featured a new Battle Pass through which players can unlock various rewards. There are different levels in it, and players have to complete various challenges in order to climb the ladder. However, it seems like a new bug is preventing players from doing this.

New Apex Legends Bug

Bugs are something that have been present in Apex Legends since the game’s debut in February. Many players have even stopped playing the game because of them. Although the developers have always tried their best to patch as many bugs as they can, they just can’t stop new ones from appearing on the surface. And now, a new bug has appeared in the game because of which players are not progressing in the battle pass.

On the Apex Legends subreddit, playersstarted complaining about this bug. One player claimed that he was not gettingany progress in the battle pass after a game. He provided some screenshotswhich revealed that he was ending up on the same level with less XP after everymatch. This basically means that his efforts for progressing in the battle passwere simply going to waste. However, Respawn’s senior game designer CarlosPineda had something else to say.

Respawn Is Aware of The Issue

According to Pineda, this is a displayissue. He claimed that to actually see their XP/start progress, players shouldhead over to the “see all challenges” menu. He further added that he has fixedthis locally for now and they are going to push it to QA and then the patch.However, he doesn’t know when that will happen since it is not his call.

When Will the Fix Arrive?

What Pineda said basically means thatplayers are still gaining experience behind the scene. So, anyone who has beenfacing this issue shouldn’t worry a lot since they are still progressing in thebattle pass. Once the patch arrives, fans can expect to start seeing the actualresults on the screen. At the moment, we know that Respawn is aware of theissue and they will fix it through the next update. While Pineda didn’t revealwhen this will happen, we can expect to see a small update sometime during thenext week.

This isn’t the first problem Apex Legendsplayers have encountered after season 3. Just recently, a lot of playersstarted complaining about a new error code, called Code Shoe. This error codeis basically disconnecting players from their game after every five minutes,something that sends them back to the lobby. Respawn needs to do somethingabout these two issues soon so that players can enjoy the new content of season3 in peace.

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