Apex Legends New Error Suggests A Deathcam Feature

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In multiplayer shooter titles, players always want to know how they got killed. Call of Duty is one of the games that is known to have a deathcam feature that allows players to see who killed them and how. However, in Apex Legends, players only get to know the name of the opponent that killed them. They cannot see how they were killed because the game is yet to introduce a deathcam feature. But now, it seems like this is going to change soon.

Player Encounters A Strange Error

Recently, on Reddit, an Apex Legends player shared something interesting that suggests a deathcame feature coming soon to the game. The user was playing the newly added Winter Express Limited-Time Mode when he encountered a strange error. “I had a weird error during a game of Winter Express,” the player said. “Might be a possible hint at DEATHCAM coming soon?”

Possible Deathcam Feature?

The user shared an image in which he encountered “Connection Error 237” after drying. However, the thing which has left everyone surprised is the “skip replay” command that was appearing at the bottom of the screen. The command was asking to hit space in order to skip the replay. Judging from what the command is saying the user believes that a code for a deathcam feature might have slipped through.

I had a weird error during a game of Winter Express. Might be a possible hint at DEATHCAM coming soon? from apexlegends

A user who goes by the name FrozenFroh commented on the post and claimed that there is a deathcam code in Apex Legends because there was a similar feature in Titanfall 2. However, the user also noted that there still isn’t enough information to confirm whether a deathcam feature is on its way or not. According to FrozenFroh, glitching or appearing in code is no confirmation as it can also be a hardware issue.

How The Feature Can Help

Apex Legends fans have been requesting for a deathcam feature since the start. It is a really popular feature in some top games including PUBG. This feature allows them to see how they were killed and from which direction the bullet came. In addition to this, it can also help them see if their opponent was cheating or not. This can also help players with improving their game as they can see and avoid the mistake that got them killed.

Apex Legends

At the moment, Respawn is yet to confirm whether they are working on a deathcam feature or not. However, considering fans have been requesting for it from the start, it will most likely arrive in the future. Respawn has a habit of introducing big features from time to time. They are also working on cross-play, something that will allow players from all platforms to play together.

Apex Legends season 3 is also about to come to an end, meaning that fans are now looking forward to the next season. Season 4 is expected to introduce some big things, including more than one legends. Who knows, maybe the next season will introduce the much-anticipated deathcam feature.

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