Apex Legends Player Suggests A "Favorite Legend' System

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Released back in February without any prior announcement, Apex Legends is currently one of the most played battle royale titles out there. The fast-paced battle royale instantly gained popularity because of the gameplay it featured. Not only this, but it even once managed to cross Fortnite. However, it failed to hold the top spot. Despite this, the game is currently played by more than 70 million players every month. And this number will only keep on increasing as the developer Respawn is improving the game from time to time.

Apex Legends

One of the many things that set Apex Legends apart from other battle royale titles is Legends. The concept of Legends has been for the first time seen in any battle royale title. Basically, you get to choose from a wide range of characters who are called Legends. Every character has its own unique abilities, and all of them have a total of three abilities. These include passive ability, tactical, and ultimate.

The Problem of Choosing Your Legend

Because every character is different, fans have their own favorite ones. However, there is one issue with the game. One player in a team can only choose a specific legend. This means that if a player choose Octane, then the remaining two teammates cannot choose Octane. Hence, there can be times when someone else will select your favorite character and you will have to play with someone else. You will be able to avoid this only if you are given the option to choose first or if your teammates decide to choose some other characters.

How This Issue Can Be Avoided

However, an Apex player has recently discovered a way through which the above-mentioned problem can be avoided. His idea can allow players to always play with their favorite legend. The user shared his idea on the official Subreddit of Apex Legends, where he talked about a new way to organize our favorite characters so we never miss playing with them.

According to the plan, a player can simply rank his top three favorite legends from first to last, thus allowing them to have the luxury of choosing them on the selection screen. This will also allow other players to see which character you mostly play with, because of why they might avoid selecting your favorite character. While this might not be a really big change, this idea can be perfect for times when some challenges require different legends.

Concept Idea for Favoriting 3 Legends from apexlegends

Another thing Respawn can do is allow players to select their legend in the lobby, and then avoid pairing them with other players who would also prefer playing with that legend. This will allow everyone to play with their favorite legend, and they will not get into a match with those players who would use the same character.

In any case, Respawn will most likely look into this idea and might even decide to work on it. In the meantime, we will suggest you practice with other legends too since it can also help you avoid this situation.

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