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Apex Legends Player Suggests A Weapon Ping Wheel

In Apex Legends, players can acquire different kinds of loot from the ground, supply bins, airdrops, and the supply ship. There can be times when you are keeping some items in your backpack for minutes. This includes carrying ammunition for a certain kind of weapon that you are looking for. However, while you are searching for it, your teammate comes across that very weapon but passes by it without pinging it. This is because he wasn’t aware that you wanted it.

Apex Legends

This is something that always happens in Apex Legends. In this game, communication is the key. Without team communication, it can be nearly impossible to survive. There can be times when you will be desperately looking for a specific weapon, but your teammates won’t search for it because they won’t know about it. However, this can change with a small feature.

Concept For Weapon Ping Wheel

On Reddit, a user has shared a concept for a Weapon Ping Wheel that can overcome the above-mentioned issue. He has shared information regarding how it will work and what it can do. Basically, it will allow players to share some important information with each other and will also help with finding equipment. The concept is actually based on the already existing ping wheel system in Apex Legends. However, this one will work as a separate wheel that will allow players to communicate in a much different way.

Concept Idea for ‘Weapon Ping Wheel’ from apexlegends

Basically, players will be able to place a weapon in the new system by setting it as “favorite” from the main menu. Afterward, whenever you will ping a weapon from the wheel, your teammates will get to know about the weapon you are looking for. This will encourage your teammates to find your favorite weapon while searching for their own loot. And hence, the scenario in which your teammate passes by the weapon you are looking for will no longer happen.

What Players Think Of It

This wheel system will be also useful for those players who don’t have a microphone or are playing late at night. Such players on Reddit support this idea on Reddit and asked Respawn to work on it. However, some users claimed that this is something that can result in flooding the game with multiple pings. It can also lead to ruining the balance of the game.

Apex Legends

In any case, the feature will be really useful if Respawn can implement it in the game without any problems. The developers recently introduced a quip wheel to the game through which players can use their character’s favorite voice lines at any time. If the developers decide to add another wheel feature to the game, then the interface might get ruined. Respawn will most likely notice this idea since it was posted on the popular Apex subreddit. In the next few days, we will get to know whether the developers are going to work on it or not. On the other hand, the game recently received a new update today that has added the duos mode and the firing range.

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