Apex Legends Players Are Facing A Crash Issue

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Apex Legends players had a really amazing debut, but it lost a lot of its players for some reason. One of the reasons why players left the game was the number of bugs and glitches present in the game. Some of them were even preventing them from playing the game properly. And now, even though Respawn has tried its best to patch as many of them as possible, new ones are still appearing on the surface.

Apex Legends Crash Issue

Recently, since the past week, Apex Legends players are facing an issue because of which they are getting kicked out of their game during the character selection screen. Basically, their game crashes whenever their teammates move their mouse over the list of legends on the screen. This causes their game to crash and they have to restart it.

Apex Legends

At the moment, the issue is only happening on PC, while console players are not affected by it. However, it is still something frustrating considering no one likes getting kicked out of their game again and again. But it seems like a player on Reddit has managed to find out a fix for it. Although he has only come up with a temporary solution for it, it is still better than nothing.

How To Fix It

On the official EA forums, a player who goes by the name Saltyfighter has managed to find out a way to avoid this game crash. According to the player, it involves not looking at the character selections screen. What you have to do is whenever you are on the said screen, you have to press the Alt and Tab button so that you can switch to another window. You can then use something else, like the internet browser, until the character selection process is over.

The player claimed that it has worked for him and his teammates. He added that his teammate was facing this crash issue at least once every three games. However, after using this trick, he has played over 20 games consecutively without any issues. You basically have to stay out of the character selection screen and return only when you hear the sound of the dropship. Afterward, you will be able to play the match without any kind of issue.

Apex Legends

While this issue can help you prevent your game from crashing, it still takes away the luxury of selecting your desired character. As you will have to move away from the screen, you won’t get the chance to select the character you want. This means that you will have to play with the character the game will choose for you. Sometimes you will get the chance to play with your preferred character, and sometimes you will have to just bear with others.

Respawn is yet to reveal whether they are aware of this issue or not. However, since a lot of players are now facing it, it will most likely get noticed by the developers soon. After that, you can expect to see a fix for it.

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