Apex Legends Players Are Once Again Facing Incorrect Hit Registration Issues

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Online games have remained a victim of bugs and glitches since the start. No developer has ever managed to create a game that is free of any bugs. Apex Legends is no different when it comes to this as the game has been filled with them since its debut. Not only this, but some players even left the game during the first few months as these bugs were preventing them from playing the game properly. Although the developers have successfully managed to patch most of them, they just cannot stop new ones from appearing in the game. And now, another bug has appeared because of why players are facing an issue they once did a few months back.

Hit Registration Issues Are Back

Imagine you’re going from building to building in Capitol City with some high-end loot and your favorite weapons. But at one point, you come face to face with an enemy player but you successfully manage to empty your weapon’s clip on him. You’ll think you’ve won the duel right? But you might want to think again as the latest Apex Legends bug is making players once again face some hit registrations issues.

Insane no hit reg what is this? from apexlegends

Recently, on Reddit, many players are claiming that they are facing various issues with hit registration. One user is even posted a video in which he revealed that the incorrect hit registration issues are back. In the video below, it can be seen that a Wraith is trying to take down a two-man squad. However, while the first opponent got downed without any issues, the second one survived thanks to a bug. The Wraith user caught the second player inside the building and starting shooting immediately, but failed to take the enemy Banglore down.

No Damage Taken

The thing which confirmed that there was an incorrect hit registration issue was the fact that all of the indicators claimed that the player successfully shattered Banglore’s armor and made her bleed too. However, the game didn’t register the majority of his shots as successful, because of why Banglore was alive and well.

The Wraith player was using a Prowler that uses heavy ammo. One player claimed that he faced the same issue with heavy bullets. He added that this is something that happens with heavy bullets. Although this was the first time he saw this happening with Prowler, he experienced it with Wingman and Hemlok. However, other users claimed that they faced this issue with light ammo weapons too such as R-99 and G7 Scouts.

Apex Legends

This isn’t the first time players are experiencing incorrect hit registration issues. Back in May, Respawn introduced a patch that was meant to fix all hit registration issues. However, it didn’t work and players are still facing similar issues. At the moment, players are wondering whether Respawn will manage to fix the issue permanently or not. This is something that can be really annoying during matches, especially in competitive play.

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