Apex Legends: Players Aren't Happy With The Latest Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is being celebrated in all parts of the world. Almost every major company has an on-going sale in order to celebrate it. The game industry is no different as sales are live in all major online titles. And just like them, Respawn’s battle royale title, Apex Legends is also celebrating it.

Apex Legends

Recently, Respawn Entertainment decided to update the in-game store of Apex Legends with a brand new Black Friday sale. The store was updated on November 26, and it basically introduced some new deals for one of the biggest sales of the year. Previously, some leaks confirmed that there is going to be no new limited-time event for Black Friday as it is only going to focus on updating the store with some new deals. And now, although it has happened, fans aren’t happy with the deals at all.

Apex Legends Black Friday Deals

Respawn decided to update the store two days prior to the actual Black Friday date. As a part of the sale, the store is featuring a legendary skin of Octane for 1,800 Apex Coins, a legendary skin of Wattson for 1,000 Apex Coins, 2 legendary Apex Packs for 1,000 Apex Coins, 20 Apex Packs + 5 Bonus packs for 2,000 Apex Coins, and 50 Apex Packs + 20 Bonus packs for 5,000 Apex Coins.

Players Aren’t Happy With It

Players can get the above-mentioned deals for their respective prices until December 5, after which the deals will disappear. However, the thing which is bothering many players is that the legendary skin for Octane is the only item that will refresh after a few days. Besides this, no item or bundle is going to get replaced with a new item. Once the time period of the legendary Octane skin ends, it will most likely get replaced with another legendary skin for some other character.

Apex Legends

Other than this, the Black Friday sale has left many players disappointed as they were expecting something amazing from the biggest sale of the year. Black Friday is meant to offer some deals that are better than what we mostly see. However, not only Respawn has introduced deals that are not that much amazing, but they have also set some unexpected high prices. One player even went on to say that the sale is “a joke” as there are two-full price skins and some pack bundles. He added that he was hoping to see something exciting such as a huge shop filled with a variety of different skins and other cosmetic items, but the current sale is just “lame.”

Another player came to the defense of the game by claiming that although the prices aren’t good by “Black Friday standards,”  the Octane skin is still cool for him. And as long as the game is getting funded to keep on existing, he has no problems with the pricing system. Apex Legends is a free-to-play title and it relies only on its in-game store for revenue. However, some players think that the prices are just too high and Respawn should reduce them to some extent. In any case, let’s see whether the developers are going to introduce some new deals or not.


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