Apex Legends: Players Want Respawn To Improve Supply Bins

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In Apex Legends and other battle royale titles, players get dropped out of the ship without any loot in their hands or inventory. They have to start searching for loot as soon as they land. In Apex, players have to get their hands on loot such as weapons, armor, health and shields, and some other important stuff. The early game of the stage is when things become intense since almost everyone is searching for loot. Players go from building to building, supply bin to supply bins with the hope to find some good loot. However, players are noticing that the supply bins aren’t offering any useful loot.

Supply Bins Are Filled With Useless Loot

On Reddit, players are claiming that the supply bins are filled with loot that is not useful to them. This often leads to frustrating moments as players are unable to find any good loot. Not only this, but such situations can also leave you weaponless. This can cause you to get eliminated pretty quickly.

The Apex Legends community on Reddit thinks that the supply bins need to be improved. One user even shared an image of a supply bin that was filled with level 1 armor. He joked about it as he wrote: “Season 3 loot isn’t bad, you’re just not good at the game.” Another user shared a video in which it can be seen that a supply bin only had one level body armor and nothing else.

"Season 3 loot isn’t that bad, you’re just not good at the game." | Season 3 loot: from apexlegends

Some users are also claiming that they are unable to find any weapons in supply bins. While armor may help you take more bullets, you need something to find back. And if you come across some supply bins and they don’t have any weapons in them, then you will pretty much get eliminated quickly. All players can find is ammo, level 1 armor, and a few more things that are not that useful. Although players should be quick to loot and just move on if they don’t see anything useful in their first glance, this is still something frustrating.

Respawn Should Do Something

As the community is really bothered by this issue, Respawn should do something about this soon. They must make improvements to the supply bins before players stop playing the game. What the developers can do is increase the spawn rate of weapons and level 2 armor inside the supply bins. This will allow players to get their hands on some good loot through the supply bins.

Apex Legends

Another thing Respawn could do is change the color of different supply bins. For instance, they can assign three different colors to supply bins. Each color will offer a different type of loot, and players will get to know what they can expect this way. They can also just decrease the number of supply bins on the map and increase the amount of loot they offer. In any case, Respawn should do something about this issue.

Respawn also recently released a new patch for Apex. The new patch has added the firing range to the game and has also introduced the duos mode.

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