Apex Legends Players Will Soon Get To See New Cosmetic Items

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Apex Legends was released back in February and since then, it has managed to attract millions of players. The game is currently considered one of the top battle royale titles out there, alongside PUBG and Fortnite. Just like the two, Apex also allows players to acquire various cosmetic items through which they can customize their characters. And now, it seems like players will soon get to see some new cosmetic items.

Cosmetic Items in Apex Legends

The game is currently in its third season and players are absolutely loving it so far. The third season completely changed the game as it introduced a brand new map that replaced the old one. However, while season 3 is and 2 was a success, there were many problems with the first season of the game. And one of the main reasons why season 1 was heavily criticized by players was the lack of creativity in cosmetic items.

Apex Legends

When season 1 went live, players thought that they will now get to see some exciting new content. However, most of them were left disappointed after they saw the set of cosmetic items that arrived with it. All of them claimed that the cosmetic items were “boring” and that Respawn needs to be a little more creative next time.

After season 1, Respawn has realized the mistakes they made and they sure have made sure not to repeat them. In season 2, the developers introduced some amazing new cosmetic items with an improved version of the battle pass. And in season 3, the same happened. But now, it seems like players will soon get to enjoy some new cosmetic items.

New Items Discovered

Recently, Respawn released a new major update for Apex on December 3. What most of you don’t know is that every patch or update has some hidden files inside them through which data miners can get a hold of some exciting new information. Recently, one of the most popular data miners of Apex Legends, That1MiningGuy decided to do some digging and found something interesting.


The data miner found out that players will get to see some new cosmetic items in the coming week. In fact, he discovered that there are around 200 cosmetic items hidden in the game’s files. This means that Respawn is going to add almost 200 cosmetic items in the coming weeks. All of the game’s Legends are expected to receive multiple skins, something which will give them a new and fresh look. In addition to this, every weapon will also most likely receive new skins. There are even going to be some new icons and banners.

One thing to keep in mind here is that some of these cosmetic items will most likely be far down the development lane, and they might not even make it to the actual game. However, you will still get to see most of them in your game. In addition to this, it is yet to be confirmed whether these items are going to arrive during season 3 or season 4.

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