Apex Legends Pro Ace Talks About How Respawn Can Make The Game Fun Again

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Players all over the world were left surprised in February when Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends without any prior advertisements. As it was a brand new battle royale game, everyone wanted to test it out to see whether it is better than PUBG and Fortnite or not. The game attracted around 25 million players in its first week, and 50 million players in its first month. This indicated that the launch was a success and that players were loving the game.

Apex Legends

However, a few months after its release, the player count started to drop and we even saw a decrease in its viewership on Twitch. Players were leaving the game because of various in-game issues. Some claimed that the game has a lack of content, while others were just tired of encountering game-breaking bugs and disconnection issues. Respawn then started to improve their game through different methods. A few weeks back, it was revealed that Apex currently has 70 million players. This indicated that Respawn managed to bring new players to the game after the decline.

Ace Reveals Why Apex Is Boring For Him

While a lot of players are happy with the game, there are some who still consider Apex Legends boring because of some things. One of those players is NRG pro Brandon “Ace” Winn. For those who don’t know, Ace is one of those who jumped into Apex Legends during its first days. This basically means that he has been playing the game since it was released and knows about the changes it has gone through over the past few months. However, the latter has recently claimed that the game is now “super boring” because of various changes made to its gameplay and meta.

While talking to his fans and answering questions through his Twitch chat, Ace talked about how playing Apex Legends isn’t fun anymore. He claimed that the gameplay is not that fun for him anymore, the meta is terrible, the games are super boring, and its a “battle royale so it’s just not fun.” The reason behind why he used the word “boring” is the skill-based matchmaking system of Apex Legends that other top streamers have talked about as well.

How Respawn Can Improve The Game

Ace also decided to share his thoughts on how Respawn can improve and make their game fun again. He thinks that long-range engagements don’t make a lot of sense and that close combat is something that is more exciting. According to him, Respawn should make the meta completely “close-engagements” instead of long-range sniper meta so that it would be actually “fun.”


In any case, there are still some players who log into Apex daily because they are satisfied with the game in its current state. However, Ace and some other professional players think that Respawn must make some changes to it in order to bring back the thrill it once had. Respawn has yet to reveal whether they are going to make any changes to the skill-based matchmaking or not. Maybe the next season will finally solve this issue.

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