Apex Legends: Respawn Announces Grand Soiree Arcade Event

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Since the past few days, Apex Legends fans have been only thinking about season 4. This is because season 3 is about to come to an end, and the next one will begin soon after it. However, everyone who was thinking that there is nothing to look forward to in season 3 now was surely wrong as the developers has surprised us with a big arcade event that will go live soon.

Respawn Entertainment has recently introduced a brand new event called the Grand Soiree Arcade event, and it looks really amazing. The new event is going to feature some exciting new content. There are going to be seven different Limited Time Modes and each one will be available for two days. Aside from this, the event is going to feature cosmetic items that are going to be exclusive to it. Players will be able to acquire some of these cosmetic items for free by completing various objectives, while others will be available to get purchased directly.

Seven Limited Time Modes

To begin with, the Grand Soiree Arcade event is going to feature a total of seven different LTMs. Each one is going to feature a different experience, but you will have only two days to enjoy one mode. However, it is still amazing considering something like this is happening for the first time in Apex Legends. The seven Limited Time Modes include:

  • Gold Rush Duos (Jan 14-5) – Play as a duo with only Gold weapons.
  • Live.Die.Live (Jan 16-17) – Automatically respawn on living squad mates when the ring closes.
  • Third-Person Mode (Jan 18-19) – Dive into the game with third-person experience.
  • Always be Closing (Jan 20-21) – You will have to keep on moving while fighting others as the ring is not going to slow down for anyone.
  • Armed and Dangerous: World’s Edge (Jan 22-23) Once again enjoy Shotguns and Snipers only but this time in a new map.
  • Kings Canyon After Dark (Jan 24-25) – Get the chance to experience Kings Canyon once again but at night.
  • Dummies Big Day (Jan 26-28) – Play against AI controlled dummies.

There is going to be an event Prize Tracker that is going to reward you with amazing things when you reach a specific number of points. Each LTM is going to feature a total of three challenges, and you will earn points by completing them. There are going to be a total of 1,000 points, and as you rack up, you’ll get rewarded with items.

Cosmetic Items

As for the cosmetic items, the Grand Soiree Arcade event is going to feature some exclusive ones. Four of them will be available to unlock through the Prize Tracker, while others will be available for purchase through the in-game shop. Six Legendary Skins will be added to the core loot pool when the event begins, and they will be available either through Apex Packs or from the store.

In any case, the event is surely going to be amazing as it is going to feature some much-demanded game modes. This pretty much confirms that Respawn actually does listens to its fans.

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