Apex Legends: Respawn CEO Talks About How Apex Is Different From Fortnite

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Everyone was left surprised back in February 2019 when Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legends without any prior announcement. The developers wanted players to try out the game for themselves instead of just relying on advertisements. The launch was a success as Apex was downloaded by more than 50 million players within its first month. Although its player count started to decrease after a few months of its release, the developers still improved their game. This helped them with increasing the player count again.

Apex Legends

Right after the game was released, every one was thinking that Apex is going to become the biggest battle royale game in the world. Many even thought that the game will soon cross Epic Game’s Fortnite, but that is yet to happen. And now, Respawn’s CEO Vice Zampella, who was recently promoted to the CEO of DICE, has revealed how their game is different from Fortnite.

A Social Hub

Epic Games has always tried their best to introduce exciting content to the game. In the past few months, players have enjoyed a variety of different in-game events such as Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, and they will get to see more this year. All these events events focus on bringing more creators and fans to the game. And the main focus is to let them interact on a social platform. However, while Fortnite is aiming towards becoming a social hub for players, Respawn has some other plans.

Vince Zampella Talks About Apex’s Main Focus

Recently, during his recent interview with LA Times on January 2, Vince Zampella talked about how they have never challenged their rival Fortnite’s plans. He claimed that they never tried to touch its grand plan to become a social hub, but instead kept their focus on character development. Respawn has been trying to find better ways to develop characters while making sure mechanics and art coalesce into visual storytelling opportunities.

Apex Legends

Zampella also talked about how characters are developed. He claimed that they rapidly prototype characters a high rate, but trow them away when they are not working. The CEO also added that they make 10 times more prototypes then what actually gets added to the game. However, character development is still very important to them because they want players to identify characters either by play style or because of what they fight for.

Concept of Legends

Apex is the first battle royale title to feature Legends. For those who don’t know, Legends are basically in-game characters. Each Legend has three special abilities. However, there is an emotional back story attached with each character. And Respawn is slowly letting players know about them through various methods. For instance, they have been hosting various in-game events for some characters and they will continue to do so. In addition to this, Respawn has also started a mini animated series on YouTube. Through this, they tell stories in an astonishing way.

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