What to do as we wait for Season 2 of Apex Legends

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Season 2 of Apex Legends is all set to arrive in a couple of weeks. Respawn is putting in its best effort to tease the community with leaks, cryptic hints, and speculation. A trying time for lovers of the game, as it will take around 14 days for the changes to arrive. We have prepared a list of productive things that will help you pass the time.


Respawn will be making plenty of changes to the game. This means that we are likely to see plenty of bugs. Season 1 is proof enough of that, and it can be quite frustrating. We recommend you to take the time to learn some deep breathing exercises, otherwise it won’t be an easy job to remain calm as bugs haunt your matches.

The new season is likely to give rise to new tricks and annoying strategies. It will take some time for players to adjust and for Respawn to ensure new illegal practices are suppressed. You should prepare yourself for some Bunker Traps and annoying Wingmans before the studio balances the game. These things will surely be quite fun for some players, but at the same time they will make other players punch their screens.

Off-meta legends

The arrival of Wattson makes one thing clear: Respawn is aiming to diversify the play strategies in Apex Legends. We can now expect some static plays. However, we are not sure if these strategies will work out for everyone. Respawn will be looking to rotate the balance of the game. One thing’s for sure: Wattson will get plenty of buffs, owing to her unique set of skills. The developers will surely engage in plenty of interaction with new champions in the game.

The Gun Shield of Gibraltar goes on cooldown every time he uses a battery or shield. It will be interesting to see if Wattson’s Pylon charge will intercept it in the future.

The Mozambique

Yes, we are talking about the infamous Mozambique. The developers have ensured that it will get some buffs in Season 2. So, we recommend you start practicing the weapon for the upcoming season. We know it will be a tough job, since it is quite frustrating to work with, but it will surely pay off once the season kicks off.


Beating the bunker tactics of Wattson will require a lot of hard work. Playing the game un-coordinated will spell doom for yourself and your team. You will need some trustworthy teammates to beat the new popular champion in the game.

We recommend you work on your coordination and communication skills in the couple of weeks before the launch of Season 2. We also recommend you practice pings and voice chats to stand out among your teammates. It will be good to work through some anti-Wattson strategies before stepping into the new Kings Canyon.

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