Apex Legends Season 2 Details Revealed

We are about to reach the end of the Season 1 of Apex Legends. So we should expect some big changes to be made for the next season. It seem like Respawn is quite aware of our expectations, since the developer announced an in-game event. The purpose of the event is to help the players level up faster. Respawn has recently dropped some hints about the event and some information about the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Double XP weekend

The even is said to last for 14 days, it is called The Legendary Hunt and will kick off on June 4th. In the first week, the XP gained will be doubled and will apply to both regular and Battle Pass progression.

The developers also said the after the launch of the event those players who will finish in the top 5 will bet a whole new Balle Pass Level. We should tell you that this condition will be applied only on one game each day. So you will have the possibility of getting a total 14 levels this way. On the plus side, you will still be getting 2x XP from the rest of your games during the event.

Free Legendary skins

Respawn also revealed that it will add new legendary skins. The owners of the Battle Pass will instantly get a new R-301 legendary skin. Meanwhile, those who have a minimum level 15 on the pass will get another legendary Wraith skin.

The event will also mark the arrival of new challenges in the game. The developers said that for other in-game cosmetics, they will also launch new limited time challenges. The arrival of these challenges will mark the arrival of Daily and weekly challenges that we will see after the launch of Season 2.

Apex Elite Queue

The most exciting feature of the Pass is introduction of Apex Elite Queue. It will be an exciting feature of the game, with which the players in the top 5 will be able to join a close queues. Where all the top players from other servers will compete for supremacy. This the best thing which hinst the possibility of ranked queues in the future. So prepare yourself for high quality action packed games in Apex Legends.

Those who will participate in the closed queues will get an Elite Streak badge which will also show the number of Elite matches you played in the game.

Bigger, better, lootier Battle Pass

So for now all we know is:

  • You will be able to level up a lot faster with the arrival of Legendary event and the challenges.
  • Respawn also told that they will introduces some interesting features of the regular mode, to make things exciting for the community.
  • The players who achieved level 100 in Season 1 will a custom skin for weapons. While 110 level players will get a custom evolving skin.

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