Apex Legends: Crypto Along with A New Weapon Confirmed for Season 3

Apex Legends Season 2 was released in July and it changed the game for the better. Along with some other new content, Season 2 added a new character to the game. Since then, fans have been wondering what the next season is going to feature. And now, thanks to a user on Reddit, we know what to expect from the next season.

Recently, during the 2019 GME Conference, some important details regarding Apex Legends Season 3 were shared. One attendee managed to take some pictures of an Apex presentation to let others know what Season 3 is going to feature. 

Crypto Confirmed 

To begin with, the conference confirmed that Crypto is indeed going to be the next character of Apex Legends. This legend was leaked alongside Wattson before Season 2 was released. However, only Wattson made it to the game, something which made fans wonder when the other legend will arrive. The user shared an image which shows Crypto’s updated model. It seems like Respawn decided to give him a new haircut and a new jacket. 

Apex Legends Season 3 Crypto

The thing which has left us surprised is the drone that is flying above Crypto. For those who don’t know, a data miner recently managed to leak the abilities of Crypto, which revealed that the legend will be using a drone to take down his opponent. While such leaks should be considered speculation rather than fact, the drone in the picture has confirmed that this will be the case. By using his drone, Crypto will be able to do various things such as finding his enemies’ locations, opening doors, and much more. 

New Weapon

The presentation also revealed a new weapon for Apex Legends Season 3. The new weapon is the Charger Rifle, and Titanfall players will be familiar with this weapon. While we currently don’t know any further details about this new weapon apart from its name, it is safe to say that it will be similar to how it was in Titanfall. If this is the case, then this new rifle will be a burst rifle and will deal heavy damage. 

Possible Halloween Event 

Another interesting thing that was revealed during the conference was Gibraltar’s Halloween skin. This kind of hints that Apex Legends players will get to enjoy a Halloween-themed event in October. Other battle royale titles such as PUBG and Fortnite have a habit of hosting such events, and Apex might follow their footsteps too. If this is the case, then fans can expect to see some exciting new challenges during October.

Apex Legends Season 3 is surely going to boost the game’s popularity. EA’s CEO recently claimed that Season 2 helped them with increasing the player base of Apex Legends, and this is the very reason why they will make sure Season 3 is bigger and better. 

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