Apex Legends Season 4 Gameplay Trailer Will Arrive Soon

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Apex Legends season 4 is scheduled to go live on February 4, meaning that there are only a few days left. Players have been eagerly waiting for it to arrive since weeks, and they will finally get to enjoy all the excited content of it. The upcoming season is currently expected to feature a lot of stuff, including new legend or legends, new weapons, cosmetic items, and various map changes. And now, something exciting has happened.

Apex Legends Gameplay Trailer

Since season 4 was announced Apex Legends fans have been eagerly waiting to see a trailer for it. Respawn Entertainment did release a launch trailer for it a few days back, but its duration as not that long and it only gave us a closer look at the Revenant. The trailer didn’t provide any look at how things will go down in the upcoming season. But now, the official YouTube account of Respawn Entertainment has set the timer for something fans had been waiting for.

The YouTube account has set the timer for the official gameplay trailer of Apex Legend season 4. It is mentioned that the upcoming gameplay trailer will go live at 11 PM tomorrow. This means that only after a few hours, you will get to see what the next season will look like. At the moment, many fans are wondering what the next season is going to feature. The gameplay trailer will hopefully give us a closer look at what changes are going to take place. In addition to this, we might also finally get the answer to a really important question.

Will It Feature Forge?

A few days back, Respawn Entertainment posted a short teaser for Apex Legends season 4 in which Forge was giving an interview. For those who don’t know, Forge is the very legend who was confirmed to be the game’s next legend. However, at the end of the video, Forge was brutally killed by the Revenant. This confirmed that the Revenant is going to be the next legend of the game as he was also featured in the launch trailer of season 4.

Apex Legends

However, this also sparked confusion in fans regarding if Forge is going to appear in season 4 or not. Some fans on Reddit claimed that the Forge who was killed in the teaser is an impostor. This is because the impostor had a scar on his eye and his arm was clean. However, the Forge that appeared in the official concept art from Respawn had no scar on his eye, but several scars on his arms. This made fans think that Forge might finally be alive.

Now that the gameplay trailer is almost here, we will finally get to know whether Forge is alive or not. However, Respawn might not feature him in the trailer but release him as a surprise during the season. In any case, nothing will be confirmed until the upcoming season itself goes live on February 4.

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