Apex Legends Season 4: When Can You Expect To See An In-Game Teaser?

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Apex Legends fans are currently looking forward to season 4 as the current one is about to come to an end. The third season was released around three months ago, in October, and fans absolutely loved it. It completely changed the game by introducing a new map, and this is the reason why fans are wondering what Respawn is going to do next.

Apex Legends

For those who don’t know, Respawn has a habit of teasing its fans with in-game teasers before releasing anything. This has happened with season 2 and season 3, and will most likely happen with season 4 too. The developers will most probably build the hype for it through various in-game teasers, but fans are wondering when will they get to see one.

Previous Teasers

Prior to season 2 and season 3, there were various clues added to the map that kind of gave fans a hint about what will arrive with the next season. If we talk about the past, then the first season 2 teaser was when the Leviathans turned their direction towards Kings Canyon and started moving towards the island. A few days later, players saw Flyers were wandering around the map carrying loot. And a week before season 2 went live, the Repulsor Tower started rotating and Crypto’s laptop was also found on the map.

Apex Legends

As for season 3, the first teaser was when Crypto successfully hacked the tower and destroyed it, something which allowed the Leviathans and other creatures to enter the land. And the second teaser was when Crypto himself appeared at a specific location.

When Will We See The First Teaser?

One thing to keep in mind here is that the first teaser of the second and third season appeared exactly three weeks before they went live. This means that Respawn will most likely follow the same schedule with season 4. For those who don’t know, the third season is currently scheduled to end on February 3, 2020, while the next season will go live on February 4. If this is the case, then the first in-game teaser for it will appear close to January 13.

What Will Happen Next?

At the moment, no one knows what Respawn is going to do. However, judging from what has happened in the case of the previous two seasons, we will most likely get to see a new legend or some changes to the map. At the moment, the Revenant is currently believed to be the next legend to get added to the game. If this is the case, then Respawn will tease the next season through him.

We can also expect to see some changes to the map. Who knows, maybe the developers will decide to destroy some portion of the map or simply expand it. In any case, considering there are only a few weeks left until the next season goes live, we will most likely hear something soon.

Apex Legends season 4 is currently believed to be better than the previous seasons. It will add new cosmetic items and is said to introduce more than one legends.

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