Apex Legends Season 4: When Will It Go Live?

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Apex Legends was released back in February and since then, developer Respawn has made various changes and improvements to it. The biggest changes are introduced with new seasons. These seasons add new content such as cosmetic items, legends, and much more. The latest one, season 3 totally changed the game as it introduced a brand new map and replaced the old one. And now that the current season is about to end, every player is wondering what the next season is going to feature.

Apex Legends

At the moment, Respawn has yet to provide details about Apex Legends season 4. This is the reason why players are currently relying only on leaks and various other reports to get as much information as they can. Various data miners are busy digging through the game’s files to discover as much as they can.

Apex Legends Season 4 Legends

Since the game was released, players have been hungry for new content. However, the thing which players want the most are new characters. The only problem is that Respawn only adds one legend to the game per season. Octane was added with season 1, Wattson was added with season 2, and Crypto arrived with season 3. And now, players are wondering which new legend is going to arrive with the next season.

At the moment, The Revenant is believed to be the next legend. Although around 14 new legends were leaked through the game’s files with data miners, Revenant’s recent appearance in the game is what makes him the most secure option. The legend recently appeared in the Fight or Fright event, where he was the organizer of the event.

Some data miners even managed to leak his abilities, which revealed that he will have two stances. Both stances are going to feature different abilities. This means that instead of three, the Revenant is going to have six abilities. Other than the Revenant, Forge is also believed to be the next legend. Not only this, but season 4 is also expected to feature more than one legend.

Apex Legends Season 4 Release Date

At the moment, Apex Legends season 4 is expected to go live on February 4, 2020. For those who don’t know, February 4 will mark the first anniversary of the game. Therefore, releasing season 4 on the anniversary will make a lot of sense. The in-game battle pass revealed that season 3 is going to be longer than the previous seasons. If it had the same length as the previous one, then season 3 would’ve ended sometime in December. However, now that its length has been expected, we won’t be seeing the next season until next year.

Apex Legends

Respawn will most likely want to take a short break in order to relax a little bit during the holiday season. They have worked really hard since the game was released, and they do deserve a break. Once that is over, they will start working on the next season. In any case, the wait will be definitely worth it considering the next season is going to be better than the previous ones in every way.

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