Apex Legends Season 2 changes revealed at E3

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Drew McCoy of Respawn Studios has recently showed off the changes coming our way in Apex Legends. He also revealed that the Season 2 will be launched on the 2nd of July. Let’s have a comprehensive look at all the changes announced by Respawn at EA Play 2019.

Weapon changes and the L-Star

The developers initially revealed that they are working to balance weapons in the game. The purpose of doing this is to bridge the gap between the weaker and more popular weapons, like the R-301 and the Peacekeeper. McCoy didn’t reveal how Apex plans to achieve this, but he did hint that they will be making the Mozambique more relevant to the game.

It is official that the L-Star is arriving in King’s Canyon. It is likely that it will be among the most OP weapons in the game, as it will only be available in supply drops. It is a full-auto, rapid-fire energy weapon that will have 60 rounds in a single magazine. McCoy revealed footage in which the weapon completely decimated a player. Lastly, it will be the only weapon that will be capable of breaking doors!

Ranked mode and new event

After months of complaints, the community of Apex will finally get a ranked mode. It will be composed of 6 tiers. At the end of the season, players will receive loot depending on their ranks. The minimum rank is Bronze, and the highest is Apex Predator. The developers didn’t clarify whether it will replace the casual mode or if it will be another mode alongside the current unranked queue.

The name of the second season will be Battle Charge! It will be launched with a new event. McCoy didn’t give any details, but at the same time, he told the players generally that they could expect some changes to the map.

New Legend

Respawn took advantage of the presentation to reveal the tenth Apex Legend: Wattson. According to the company, the scientist will bring new defensive options to the game. The Legend will able to create shields around points of interest, giving tactical advantages to players.

Through an animation, the character was presented as the daughter of the creator of King’s Canyon. According to the developers, the introduction of Wattson will help to develop the background story of the game.

Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass

After all these exciting changes, we are confident that Season 2 Battle Pass will be more enjoyable than Season 1. The developers also assured us that we will get four legendary skins at the start of the season. They even displayed some of them, and we believe that caustic is the winner.

The Battle Pass progression in Season 2 will be much more challenge completion-based. This means you will be able to enjoy the game as much as you want, since the developer has made sure that it won’t be an easy task to beat it!

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