Apex Legends Season 2: Here Are the Week 1 Challenges

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The much-awaited Apex Legends Season 2 is here, and fans are absolutely loving it. The new season has added a lot of content to the game, including some new skins and a new character. However, the thing that has left fans even more excited are the weekly challenges. While other battle royale titles such as Fortnite and PUBG have had these challenges since the start, they have just been introduced in Apex Legends as part of their staged roll-out.

What Are Weekly Challenges?

The weekly challenges will ask players to perform various missions every week until season 2 ends. By completing these challenges, players will receive rewards and make progress through the Battle Pass. Every week, players will receive challenges which ask them to do something specific. For example, one challenge may ask a player to get 10 headshots with a specific gun, and they will receive a reward of 1BP level if they do so. Aside from this, there are going to be a lot of different challenges throughout the season.

Apex Legends Season 2 Week 1 Challenges 

With season 2 now live, we finally have our first-ever set of weekly challenges. The first week’s challenges are not that difficult, but they are still exciting. So, without further ado, here are Apex Legends’ Season 2 Week 1 challenges:

  • Challenge: Deal 200 damage in Skull Town.
    Reward: 1BP Level.
  • Challenge: Get 20 headshots with assault rifles. 
    Reward: 1BP Level. 
  • Challenge: Get 20 knockdowns as Wraith, Bloodhound, Caustic, or Wattson.

Reward: 1BP Level.

  • Challenge: Outlive 200 opponents.
    Reward: 6000 stars.
  • Challenge: Pathfinder’s zipline used 10 times by squadmates.
    Reward: 6000 stars.
  • Challenge: Get 1 kill with Gibraltar’s Bombardment.
    Reward: 6000 stars.
  • Challenge: Loot a legendary body shield 3 times.

Reward: 6000 stars.

As you can see above, the week 1 challenges are relatively simple missions. However, we can expect to see more difficult and thrilling challenges in the upcoming weeks. 

Apex Legends week 1 challenges

Why These Challenges Have Been Introduced

The Season 1 Battle Pass was heavily criticized for offering poor content. Many players claimed that they were unable to progress quickly, and they were not even getting any good rewards. However, Respawn has confirmed that they’ve listened to the feedback provided by fans. They now promise to make sure fans aren’t disappointed with the next battle pass. 

This is the very reason why daily and weekly challenges have been introduced. These will help players with progressing quickly, and those who are successful will also receive new and unique rewards throughout. Respawn has also added some additional content to the game, released especially for Season 2. Included is a new character, Wattson. For those who don’t know, Wattson is the character who was leaked in the game’s files some time ago. In any case, Apex Legends Season 2 has surely taken the game to a whole new level. 

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