Apex Legends Season 3 announced

Respawn Entertainment has announced the start date of the third season in Apex Legends. The new season will also mark the arrival of a new legend by the name of Crypto. The update will be available for download in on October 1. The developers made this announcement on Twitter.

Judging by the video in which he was introduced, the new Legend is a hacker, and he has a drone for assistance. At the time, we are not officially aware of Crypto’s abilities, neither do we know what will be the role of the Legend. Previously, a hacker of Apex Legends found a character in the game files. Crypto made his first physical appearance in the trailer of the second season of the “Battle Royale”. 


Possible Crypto abilities

Some hackers have claimed that the New Legends in Apex will have the following abilities:

Aerial drone (active): A surveillance drone that flies over the area for 40 seconds and has a range of 200 meters. You can hack doors and loot boxes. It can also be destroyed.

Neurolink (passive): Crypto and his teammates see what surveillance drones detect at a distance of up to 30 meters.

Weapon EMP drone (ultimate ability): Charge an EMP explosion from the drone, inflicting shield damage, slowing enemies and disabling all traps.

Disclaimer: These are the abilities proposed by the hackers we are not taking claim of any above-mentioned ability. In addition to the new hero, it is suspected that Apex will introduce a new weapon in the game that uses energy beams.

Rank changes

With the start of the second rating season ranks will reset, and the scoring system will also be updated. According to the developers, the rating system in the first season was successful, and they do not plan to introduce big changes in it. 

Respawn Entertainment also revealed the details about the awards that will be granted at the end of the rating season in Apex Legends. Players will receive badges for weapons and special flight effects.


Each player in the rating season will receive a badge according to his/her rank. Users can place this badge on the profile. In addition, players will be given key rings that can be hung on the weapons. Users with the title of Diamond or Predator will receive blue and red flight effects. The start of the third season is scheduled for October.

New editions announced

Apex Legends will also receive two physical editions with exclusive skins: the Lifeline Edition and the Bloodhound Edition. Each version contains a legendary character look, weapon cosmetics, a banner, and 1,000 Apex coins. The packages will be available for purchase from October 18, with price suggested by EA Games of $44.00.

Remember that in addition to these new editions, the title is available for free download on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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