Apex Legends Shadowfall Mode: Which Characters Can Help You Survive?

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Apex Legends latest event is Fight or Fright, and it is based on Halloween. The new event has added a lot of new exciting content to the game, including new cosmetic items. However, the thing which has left everyone excited is the new Limited Time Mode called Shadowfall. For those who don’t know, this is the very mode that was leaked by data miners right after season 3 was released.

Apex Legends

In the Shadowfall mode, 35 players drop solo in an early-lit version of Kings Canyon. At first, all of them have to survive on their own. Once a player gets eliminated, he gets revived as a member of the Shadow Squad. The final 10 players that remain have to team up and make their way to the evacuation ship. While the living players will be able to use weapons and other equipment, the Shadow Squad won’t have this luxury. Instead, they are given increased speed and mobility, and they deal more damage with their melee attacks.

In this mode, speed is the key. Therefore, certain legends will have an advantage over others, and it will be wise if you choose them. Here are three legends that can tend to be more useful in this mode than others.


At first, we have Pathfinder. This robot has a grappling hook that can help him escape even the most hectic situations. This grappling hook can prove to be really useful when the Shadow Squad will be right behind your neck. As the undead squad will have increased speed, you will need something to escape from them quickly. Therefore, the grappling hook can help you escape from the efficiently. In addition to this, Pathfinder’s zipline can also help you create a good route to the evac ship.


The second character in our list is Octane. This adrenaline junkie is known as the fastest legend in Apex Legends, and thus has greater chances of outrunning the Shadow Squad. He can use his Stim ability to quickly evade any situation. In addition to this, Octane can also throw a jump pad onto the ground, something which can help you and your teammates reach higher ground quickly.

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The final legend we will suggest for the Shadowfall mode is Caustic. While this legend might not be as fast as the above-mentioned legends, he still has some amazing tricks up his sleeves. For those who don’t know, the Shadow Squad has limited health pools and they possess no shields. Because of this very reason, they are not that difficult to take down. Therefore, you can use Caustic’s gas bins to trap them in a certain area. In addition to this, his Fortified buff is a cherry on top.

The Shadowfall mode is currently scheduled to end on November 5, the day on which the Fight or Fright event concludes. Make sure to get the most out of it before it ends.

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