Apex Legends: Shroud Talks About Things That Can Make Him Play The Game Again

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Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is currently one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. The latter is also one of the top streamers in the world. Before moving to the streaming platformMixer in 2019, Shroud was referred to as the “King of Twitch.” The reason behind this was that he was the one with the most fan following there. However, something still made him leave his throne and move on to a new platform.

Shroud’s Journey With Apex

Shroud also happens to be one of the players that instantly jumped into Apex Legends shortly after it was released in February 2019. He also streamed it a lot on his channel, meaning that he contributed a lot in making it popular. During its early months, the streamer used to enjoy Apex a lot. In fact, he was even considering leaving other games so that he can focus solely on Apex Legends.

While Shroud was enjoying the game to the fullest, certain issues made him stop playing the game. Since his transfer to Mixer, the streamer has barely played Apex Legends. Many players were surprised after seeing him not play it. Instead of Apex, Shroud started focusing more on Escape from Tarkov and Call of Duty. While these games cannot be considered as a battle royale title, Tarkov still offers a similar experience because of all the looting and surviving.

Apex Legends

While talking about Apex Legends back in December 2019, Shroud even revealed that he stopped playing it because he doesn’t find it appealing anymore. He said that he was getting bored with the game and Respawn should do something about it. Since his comments, his fans have been wondering when their favorite streamer is going to jump back to the battle royale game.

What Shroud Thinks About The New Event

Respawn Entertainment recently introduced the Grand Soiree Arcade event. This new event is featuring seven different Limited Time Modes. When the event was was revealed, many started thinking that it will bring Shroud back to the game. However, to everyone’s surprise, Shroud was not interested in the event at all. He claimed that it’s not an actual Apex event has its just a bunch of LTMs and other stuff. He even added that there is nothing special about it, and that he’s not missing anything in Apex.

What He Wants To See

While talking about things that can bring him back to the game, Shroud said that the game is still the same with a couple of new game modes that are just for fun. However, he added that he’s more interested in seeing new characters and meta changes. He wants to see new weapons and hop ups, and he confirmed that he is ready for that. While ending his discussion, he claimed that he wants Apex to be more adaptive as it has been the same game for a while now.

Apex Legends

The important thing to note here is that Respawn is going to release Apex Legends season 4 soon. And we all know that the next season is going to feature a lot of exciting new content. At the moment, fans are hoping that the upcoming season will finally bring Shroud back to Apex.

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