Apex Legends: Some Of The Biggest Bugs Of This Year

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Just like every other online multiplayer game out there, Apex Legends has had its fair share of bugs over the past months. From the one that made the map disappear to the one that instantly revived a downed player, Apex had it all. And today, we are going to talk about some of the biggest bugs that players encountered this year.

Using Other Character’s Abilities

Apex Legends is the kind of game in which each character has its own abilities. All of them carry a total of three abilities that can be used during combat and other situations. However, there was a bug that allowed a player to use the abilities of other characters. One user on Reddit posted a video in which he showcased how he was able to send out a decoy of Mirage while using Octane. In addition to this, while the banner was indicating that he was using Octane, the HUD was displaying Mirage’s skills. His Octane was also saying what Mirage says whenever he uses his abilities.

Apex Legends

Using A Suppressed Weapon

In Apex Legends, players get the luxury to use a wide range of different weapons. From assault rifles to sniper rifles, Apex has it all. Although players can pick up various attachments for their weapons, there is something that has still yet to make its way to the game. Unlike PUBG and Fortnite, Apex lacks a suppressor attachment. Because of this very reason, players always have to be really careful before engaging as nearby players can hear their gunshots. However, one player was able to suppress his weapon while using Pathfinder. He revealed that if you immediately use your grapple after shooting, then your enemies will get shot but won’t hear any sound.

Instant Revive

This was easily one of the biggest bugs we saw in Apex Legends this year. A user on Reddit posted a video in which he was using a Phoenix Kit to get his health and shield back up. However, one of his teammates got knocked down and he instantly rushed towards him. But as soon as the latter tapped the revive button, his teammate got back on his feet instantly without any animation. The user also revealed that his teammate was able to shoot and move, but was unable to heal. It also took only one shot to take him down.

Apex Legends

No Battle Pass Progression

Imagine you’ve spent your savings on purchasing the battle pass with the hopes of acquiring some amazing rewards. However, no matter how much you play, you aren’t progressing in the battle pass. Quite frustrating right? The same happened with some Apex Legends players a while ago as they claimed that they weren’t progressing in the battle pass. However, one of Respawn’s representatives claimed that all of this is happening because of a bug and that players are actually progressing behind the scene.

These were some of the biggest bugs we encountered in Apex Legends this year. We hope that Respawn will be finally able to overcome the issue of bugs and glitches next year.

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