Is Apex Legends Still Capable Of Dominating Battle Royale Industry?

In terms of gameplay, the battle Royale of Respawn, Apex Legends looks much more interesting than competing games. The developers created a medium size map and placed 20 teams on it, each of which consists of three players. Such a decent number of participants not only allows you to freely search for equipment. Yet at the same time, due to the small map, some teams are forced to fight at the beginning of the match. This makes the early stage of the game quite interesting to watch. However, it is worth noting that after the first skirmishes, the pace of the game calms down. It becomes a bit boring to watch what happens in the later stages. Yet, the tempo in Apex Legends is faster than competing games.

Great Game Design

In addition to the size of the map, the active play of the teams can be attributed to the design of the buildings. Most of the buildings in Apex are small, and those that are larger do not give a good overview since there are few windows in them. If a team camps a structure with a narrow space, it is likely to be targeted by grenades from the enemies and you will be able to dodge every single one of them.

Apex Legends Battle Royale

Credits: Respawn

The combination of these active playing factors makes Apex enjoyable. Elements like modification of weapons, the ability to pick up whole armor from a dead enemy, and the lack of vehicles help the players to only focus on battles and tactics. This model of the battle is better suited for eSports compared to its competitors.

The innovative broadcast system required

On April 13, Apex Legends hosted the first LAN tournament – TwitchCon Europe Showdown 2019. The main difference of the championship was that the teams competed with each other in a separate lobby. Participants qualified for the main stage after winning against pub players. For each kill, the teams earned points, which shaped up the ranking of the qualifiers.

The broadcast of the first LAN tournament in Apex was similar to the competitions in PUBG. Most of the time they showed the game from the first person perspective. Sometimes combining several images from the screens of the participants. This did not allow the viewer to get a complete picture of what is happening. It is clear that Respawn, most likely, did not organize the broadcast of the championship. Therefore, it’s too early to put an end to tournament streams in this battle royale.

Apex Legends Battle Royale

Credits: Respawn


Although these days the tournaments take place without the direct participation of Respawn, it can be stated that Apex Legends is gradually going to be big in eSports. But first, they need to settle the current problems of the game and create an environment with which the broadcasts of the Battle Royale genre will reach a new level. Can Apex become one of the leading disciplines in computer sports? I think the game has everything for this.

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